Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hinduism the great peaceful religion

From what I know of Hinduism, it advocates that you don’t harm another person for whatever reasons. There is mind-blogging number of gods, many sub sects and a plethora of associated religious practices, but the liveliness that they enthuse among the population appears so very peaceful. Buddhism is peaceful too and so is Jainism; but the history of Hinduism show that it has accepted various faiths and lived with them all in peace and harmony. Hindus had been converted at gun point or with a sword placed at their necks, but still they tolerated those militant faiths and go on tranquil  and quiet like the Ganges. So many new religions and isms tried to usurp its place in the hearts of the billions and still Hinduism remains unruffled and absorbs everything in its meandering flow. 

There are a few religions in the world that commit violence in the name of their god. But Hindus don’t hold a club, a sword, a gun or a bomb. They move about silently with inner peace.  Non-violence is ingrained in the religion and it guides people towards inner peace.  Each hymn 
Hindus chant is followed by peace, peace, peace.Hindu Woma - Getty Images

Their temples are noisy places with ringing of bells and chants in high pitches. The smell is often strong from the burning incense but smoothed by the fragrant fresh flowers present everywhere. There will be a simple lamp or a multitude of lamps burning before the statue. It's full of jostling people, telling their personal problems to the gods or asking for a blessing. They give them great peace of mind.

Hinduism is not dogmatic and it does not bind its followers with commandments or strict rules. Hinduism has no central organization or authority to decide anything for Hindus. No church like institution exists that dictates any rigid, frozen dogma on the masses. People have never been persecuted or even reprimanded for not doing this or that.

It gives you broad guidelines without really enforcing anything. Being a follower is like reading a great text on how to live a life and what to look up to. It's like a great teacher, who does not hand out an answer but encourages you to explore and search to find out your own answers. Hinduism does not enforce a ruthless god who demands his followers to prove his superiority.  It never tries to disqualify or reject anyone and there is nothing like converting to Hinduism.Full customization is allowed depending on the attitude and constitution of the person. You can be an atheist and a Hindu!  

There is a core peace mantra:  “May we all be protected. May we all be nourished. May we work together with great energy and vigor. May our study be enlightening without giving rise to hostility. Let there be no Animosity among us.” Hinduism does not consider peace and prosperity as two exclusive states of life but simultaneous and integrated ones. May everybody be Happy; May everybody be free from disease; May everybody have good luck; May none fall on evil days.

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