Thursday, December 17, 2015

Only Bible for the poor!

It is really a sad thing that almost 80% of the people living today believe in one religion or another. They don’t know what they believe. They have been conditioned into it and they blindly do so. If they were born into another religion as children they would have followed that and considered their present one nonsense.

It’s good to recollect that almost all people are atheists except that they believe in their own religion. Every religion cannot be true anyway. And hence we have to believe that either none of them is true or all are true. If all are true the gods who represent them would have forbidden their own followers from massacring followers of their brother gods. They would have taught them to love others. But the followers of one religion hate those of another one and insist on seeing them with apprehension, if not hatred. They also maintain that no other religion is true.

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There is only one option left. The various gods of different religions are in rivalry and are competing with each other. Wars, conflicts, massacre, killing and hatred continue everywhere. Gods of some of the religions themselves have massacred millions of innocent people. Some of the gods have chosen to murder others and annex their territories for their chosen ones.

Killing men, women, children, the crippled and the invalids do not in any way show compassion or love. We should believe that gods who do such heinous deeds are demons. They have played bullies so far. They have been cruel and angry with man who is in a  miserable plight down here. Gods have been killing children mercilessly; they have been sending natural calamities like quakes, floods, famines, volcanic eruptions, tempests, cyclones, tsunamis, horrendous diseases and plagues. There is no help coming from any one of them any time.  No prayer is being answered ever. No help reaches the poor billions who die of hunger, malnutrition and diseases.

The only thing available in abundance for the poor is the religious text like Bible. Quakes, tsunamis, cyclones, floods, plaques, famine, diseases, poverty and horrendous viruses are in abundance too killing children, teens and adults. Even after a fllood, plague, quake or flood the pious Christians distribute Bible free to the survivors!  In Nepal after the horrendous quake and its aftershocks missionaries distributed Bibles. In Chennai (old Madras) after the recent  devastating flood, Bibles were given free too.  

Does mankind require such religious texts anymore? They harp on an afterlife and discourage people from making most of this life. A considerable percentage of man’s resources and time have already been wasted for religions. Millions of innocent people have been tortured and killed in the name of religions and holy fight. Such books inspire people for terror and killing even now. Why should man waste his time reading such nonsense?  

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