Saturday, December 26, 2015

Non productive clergy of a harmful religion

As of 2010, Around  2.2 billion -32% of the world’s population-are Christians,  1.6 billion (23%)  are Muslims,  1 billion -15% are Hindus,  nearly 500 million -7%-are Buddhists and 14 million -0.2%- are Jews. More than 400 million people (6%) practice various traditional religions. Slightly less than 1% of the global population belongs to other religions, including the Baha’i faith, Jainism, Sikhism, Shintoism, Taoism, etc. Christians are obviously the majority in the world. This does not give any indication that the religion is superior or its doctrines deserve merit. 

Christians have been disintegrating into various sects of opposing beliefs and contradictory doctrines from the beginning. The greatest wars have been fought between Protestants and Catholics and between Christians and Muslims. There have been excommunications and counter excommunications between the orthodox and Catholics, between the Catholics and Protestants and between the Catholics and Anglicans.

Popes, cardinals and bishops and priests have always enjoyed spiritual, political and worldly pleasures while the common man suffered indescribably.  In the medieval centuries papal palaces had been the abodes of harlots. And a number of popes made their illicit sons the next popes.  There is an era in papal history called the rule of the harlots. Catholics had burnt poor women as witches, thrown those who did not believe their foolish Christian doctrines into the dens of lions; scientists were burnt or interned as they disagreed with their stupidity. They persecuted the Jews for 2000 years and killed so many of them. 

Hitler killed thousands thinking he does the will of the Christian Almighty.

Millions of priests, cardinals and  popes have lived luxurious lives at the expense of the poor faithful and their luxurious, licentious lives have prompted people to react like they did in the French revolution.   Even now there are 119 cardinals, 2946 bishops, an equal number of auxiliaries,  2, 19,583 parish  priests and 2,79,561 religious priests who lead a care-free life at the expense of the faithful.  Apart from this there are now 7,05,529 sisters, and 55,314 brothers. There must be perhaps an equal number of  clergy in the other denominations too, doing no work, but living as parasites feeding on the earnings of the faithful.  If they could earn and live like others this world would have been a better place. A good percentage of the resources of man have already been spent for religions like Christianity.  

There are other problems too. Pope Francis has revealed that one in every fifty Catholic priests is a pedophile. If they have harmed 5 children each, total number of children harmed during our period will be more than 1.5 Million! The number of priest-sodomites will be much more. Between 20 and 60 percent of all Catholic priests are gay according to one estimate cited by Donald B. Cozzens in his well-regarded: “The Changing Face of the Priesthood Nov 30, 2013.”

Dan Dennett has been studying the phenomenon of preachers who don’t believe what they preach, and the paper and commentary are available at the Washington post. Strangely, the newspaper has headlined it as Skeptical clergy a silent majority. If priests don’t believe what they preach why should others? It’s interesting stuff to atheists. These are people who entered the ministry  full of belief but as they delved into religious dogmas and scriptures, they discovered they were all rubbish. But the brain-washed people-who perhaps read Bible only, that too with absolute faith-do not even think of it as nonsense.  

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