Sunday, December 13, 2015

The most foolish religious belief!

I do not think there can be a more foolish thing than the Christian beliefs. They believe God created the first parents out of His immense love. But He put them to a test and they failed. The loving God immediately opened the gates of hell and started roasting the souls of men, women and children for all eternity. God is not moved by their agony or screams but pushes them down into the nether depths of fire to suffer, suffer and suffer.But He is love itself!  

Christians believe God created us to know Him, love Him and gain eternal reward by using our freewill. Demographics suggest that about half of all children born so far have died before they reached 15- when perhaps they become accountable to what they do. What is the purpose in creating billions and billions of children and killing them as infant, toddler, children and teens? Why does He create the mentally retarded, imbeciles, the psychotic and the feeble minded who cannot even know what God expects of them?   If God is rewarding them heaven-without any merit from their side, why the hell He insisted on a Test from the first parents to prove their loyalty and brought in all the evil?

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He could have forgiven them--after all Eve was tempted by the serpent God had set upon her for the purpose. But instead, God has been sending natural calamities-quakes, tempests, cyclones, floods, volcanic eruptions, famines, plagues of all kind to kill millions of people with all their dreams each year.  God has been sending horrendous diseases like cancer, diabetes, BP, cardiac arrest and so many others and He has released deadly viruses like AIDS to make man suffer, suffer and suffer.

Why did He reveal Himself to a small tribe of semi-stupefied nomads to the exclusion of all the others? He killed entire armies of Canaanites in the worst ethnic cleansing ever witnessed in the history of the world to settle His chosen tribe.  Where is the universality of God’s love in this story? He should be a mad demon to kill His own children for the sake of a few others He had chosen as His own. Only a stupid person will reveal what he wants to a minuscule tribe leaving all others in the dark. How does this God expect people to do His will when they do not know what He wants? Muslims believe their religion and their god is the true one. Jews believe theirs is the truth. Christians think Christianity is the way to God. Buddhists, Hindus Jains all follow their faiths thinking theirs are true.

There cannot be anything more foolish than the teaching that God Almighty sent His only son (who is his wife?) to die for the sins of man. A simple nod of His little finger --if He is anthropomorphic--was enough to do so. Much easier, he could have simply forgiven the first parents’ simple disobedience and the entire mankind would have been free of the Original Sin. It’s more foolish to think Almighty God walked through the rugged terrains of Palestine to get struck, scourged and crucified! I do not think any writer/poet or dreamer has ever woven more fictitious stuff than what is in the Bible.   


  1. It's foolish to believe that God will forgive the sin, when he never forgave women for a mistake commited by the 1st woman on earth.

  2. It's foolish to believe that God will forgive the sin, when he never forgave women for a mistake commited by the 1st woman on earth.