Sunday, March 11, 2012

Can a god ordain all these?

If a child happens to be born in Somalia, it will probably die before the age of 7 out of starvation diseases or both. A recent famine has claimed the lives of 29000 children under the age of 5. Andrew Mitchell who visited the country feels 400,00 will be dead. In Somalia  180 per 1000 children die at birth itself.  Its chances to get educated and prosper in life is almost nil. It may, in all probability  die before reaching adulthood . Unloved, unfed, it survives (if at all it does)  amidst poverty, war and tension. (Somalia’s Per capita income is $600/- against Luxemburg’s 55,100/- )
In USA a baby is fully planned, much before it arrives, its parents ensure that it is provided with every conceivable amenities (good food, proper care and medical attention) and is loved and protected. It will be sent to the best schools and it can on its own (through part time jobs), complete its university education and be well- placed and lead a comfortable life.  Its chances of dying is very low (infant mortality rate is only 7 in USA)  and it is assured of the country’s economic prosperity (USA per Capita Income $47,000)
An Indian child is probably born unplanned, unwanted and takes birth into extreme poverty. There is no food  as its mother’s breasts are dry with mal-nutrition). its chances of survival is say 50,50. Iinfant mortality rate alone is 48 per thousand. Death rate before the age of 10 is very high. If it is a female infant it would have been probably aborted , killed at birth and discriminated against later.  The chances that it will complete high school education are bleak if it survives childhood.
Look at Luxemburg, its per Capita income is 55,100 and its children are taking birth into luxury and its bright future is assured by its birth alone just like a Somalian or an Indian child’s future is doomed.  
The children of Carlos Slim, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani and others in the genre are born inheriting billions. They are already multi billionaires even if they do not do anything later in life.
Can we say God ordains all these? That He, through his Providence, kills the Somalian and other poor countries’ children, shows special favors to those of the developed world  like Luxemburg or the US and sends poverty to the ones of India, Bangladesh and hosts of others whose survival is highly an improbability?  What type of a dispensation is this? Is it just as every child is created in the image of god? I am not able to understand. If somebody can clarify, I would be grateful.  

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