Saturday, March 10, 2012

Does excess belief make people poorer?

We Keralites and Indians are madly religious. For anything and everything we invoke gods. If a misfortune comes we take the blame on ourselves. If a good thing happens we ascribe its credit to god. In short god is given all the credit and we are blamed for every ill. As we spend a lot of time on matters religious and as we believe gods will help us in everything (we need to pray only) and we pray and pray, go to the church or temple or to the shrine and partake in every religious ritual. See the net result! We are one of the poorest nations on the surface of the earth. Almost half of our 120 crore people are  living with Rs 20/- a day and they are all generally sick, emaciated and face all sorts of difficulties.   Nations which are advanced are far less religious; they believe they make their future. Hence they try to come up with all their capability. They have generally an aim and a purpose in life. They work and work, take risks and do not rest until they get what they want.  Here we do not even want anything. We are exhorted to be happy with what we have. It can be poverty, sickness, failures, backwardness; the gods have willed and we have to bear them. All that matters is the afterlife and hence this life is to be just endured.
Statistics on religious beliefs indicate that there is no other country in the world which is as mad about religion as India. And there are very few countries which is as corrupt, as poor and as backward as India. We are not bothered that half of all our children are malnourished, emaciated, sick and stunted!  We do not mind that more than 50 crores of our people do not get one meal a day, many of whom are staying in a single-room leaking, ramshackle shack. We do not mind they are sick and are in pain. The leaders who seem ‘more religious than us’ do not mind these things at all. They are very rich and powerful, their children study abroad and they have everything that can be thought about.  They know this life is all that matters and they try to live their lives to the full with all conceivable comforts and luxuries. The followers tow the foolish philosophy and suffer. 


  1. Dear Sir, please Don't relate the woes of MY, OUR India with religion. Religion always has indirectly helped in advancement, if you read history and see more deep into it. The concept of bribery and being selfish has come only over the past century or so with external, foreign influence.

  2. I think you have not properly understood history. Religion, in one way or other, has caused almost all wars in history. Even today it is the root cause of all communal problems, the tension in the middle east and so on. A lot of man's effort and time is devoted for this which hampers human progress.
    Regarding selfishness and bribery I simply wanted to show that where people are madly religious corruption seem to increase. I do believe earnestly that excessive beliefs has been a cause of our underdevelopment.

  3. Not every religion is devilish ,but some selfish relgions try to show superiority in the world ,thats why wars happenned.Human created religions found afterall serivce to human beings.later it become religions try to rule.this is due to ego,and loss of self control.indeed all are child of one GOD father.

  4. If all are children of God how come most of them are suffering with diseases, without food, water? Majority of children born on this earth have died before they reached the age of ten. Only since the 2oth century has this changed with the advancement of medical sciences.