Saturday, March 3, 2012

Test Your Emotional Quotient

We have mentioned in an earlier post (EI, the ultimate success factor) that Emotional Intelligence is the most crucial factor of success in today’s world. Here is a simple test to see where you stand in Emotional Quotient. I do not claim originality for most of the questions.  It has been adopted from the researchers in EI (with a few of my own original ones.) Look for the rating at the bottom once you complete answering the questionnaire.
Answer the following questions (tick the correct answer)
1. I am confident about myself, my abilities and talents  (strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree)
2.  I am a good judge of others and myself (strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree)
 3.  In my circle of friends, I know how each one feels about the others  (1.Strongly Agree  2.  Agree, 3. Disagree, 4 strongly disagree.) 
4. When I am upset, I can know why I am upset. ( 1. Strongly Agree  2.  Agree, 3. Disagree, 4 strongly disagree.)
5. If I make a mistake, I often criticize and find fault with myself and my abilities. (1. Often, sometimes, rarely, almost never)
 6.  I am comfortable in a highly emotional situation (Strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree)
7. I do not like confrontations as I Become very anxious. I try to avoid it.  (Strongly disagree, disagree, agree, strongly agree)
8.  I am usually aloof and have very few intimate friends (strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree)
7. I have a habit of overreacting to minor problems. (Strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree)
8. When given an unpleasant task, (1.make a plan to complete it on time, 2. Try to do it fast and get it over, 3. Put it off until last 4. Never do it.)
9. If there is a heated argument in a meeting (1. Try for a short break 2. Stop responding to the other, 3. Apologize to end the problem, 4. Start insulting the other)
10. When I make a decision, (I rely on my instinct and judgment, 2. rely on others’ directions, 3. Go for the easy option 4. Use random method or guesswork)
11. Your instructor gives poor grade for project work you took a long time (you feel the instructor is stupid or unjust, 2.  Criticize your work 3. Persuade the instructor to give you more 4. Find out the mistakes and try to improve in future)
12. One of your friends had a big failure. (1.spend time with him, let him express his feelings while you offer support 2. You remain in his house but avoid discussing about it.3. Ask him to go out and forget about it. 4. Leave him to himself
13. One of your co-workers has nasty habit. (1. You tell him about it . 2. Complain to the superior.3. Talk about it to others. 4. Suffer the problem silently)
14. You lose your temper with your family, colleagues and others (1.Often  2.Sometimes, 3.Occasionallly. 4. Never)
15. You think and feel about your failures (1.Often 2.sometimes. 3 occasionally 4. Never
For questions 1-6,& 9-10 Give 3 marks for 1, 2marks for 2, 1 mark for 3 and o mark for 4.
For questions  7-8 and 11-15, give 0 mark for 1, 1 mark for 2, 2 marks for 3, 3 marks for 4

If you score 35-40 or more your Emotional Quotient is high. If the score is below 20 it is low.  Note those you lack and correct yourself and do the test after say 1 year to see your improvement.