Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How can India develop?

Age is not what makes a country rich or poor. India and Egypt are very old but are still underdeveloped. Australia, New Zealand or Canada are not older than 150 years but are very much developed.  Natural resource cannot be the reason too. Japan is thickly populated, its 80% land is unsuitable for cultivation. There is no natural wealth. Further it is devastated by nature’s fury. Switzerland is another example. Remember men are the same everywhere-black or white, Christian or Hindu. One cannot maintain that people from hot countries like India are lazy: they work hard when they go abroad like the Indians do in the gulf.     
Could the difference then be in the attitude of people?  Those of  the rich nations are educated and believe they are responsible for what they are. They love work and plan their lives. They have children only if they can be fed, cared for and educated.  They are more enterprising and have simpler government rules, which promotes industry. They try to save and invest and are law abiding. They respect fellow humans and their rights and follow gender equality. They want their country to progress too. In contrast, we do not follow rules, nor do we respect others' rights. See how we behave in our roads, to our women in public places and how we treat the fairer sex at home and at the work place and forbid them from partaking in nation building. The vast majority  are uneducated and they believe in karma or pre-destiny and accept anything that comes as their fate.  We do not love work and just do the bare minimum to retain  the job. We are more selfish and want to enrich ourselves at all cost. We have a corrupt, big bureaucracy and never ending rules. Our towns and cities are not organised and are filthy.  
 Our leaders are a reflection of us and are more interested in enriching and empowering themselves. The government has wrong priorities: half of all Indian households do not have a toilet! Half of the population live in single room shacks with Rs.20 a day or less! And we send rockets to the moon to look for water there! 
India is not poor in natural resources and our arable land ratio is very high, It has plenty of natural wealth  long coast line, a large number of good rivers and abundant youthful manpower. Still we have not progressed. May be the attitude of the people has to change. They have to become more enterprising, start loving work, respect rules, become less religious, get educated (not literate) plan the family and ensure gender equality.  If you feel there is some truth in this, mail it to your friends.       

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  1. We love our religion more than anything but we will not follow the preaching!~
    We love our country but will not follow the rules!
    We love our family but will not work to make it healthy and wealthy family!
    We just live our life of "Going to do and die nothing done"
    Capt.Noble Pereira, Ramakkla, Idukki, Kerala