Friday, March 30, 2012

Who exploits India?

In an article by Subrmaniam swamy, I read that from the total bribe of 60,000 crores in the 2G spectrum case, Sonia, the UPA Chairperson, got 36,000 crores, Karunanidhi 15,000 crores, Chidambaram 5000 crores and' poor' Raja 4000 crores.The other day I was reading a foregin magazine article about Indian black money hoarded abroad. Among Indians having secret accounts the top family is there. I cannot believe they take  money from this poor country nor that  they are like their white friends who conquered and looted this great land earlier

India had freedom from the British who ruled and exploited the country. With freedom under the leadership of Gandhi the power was transferred to the Nehru clan.  That change was perhaps the only major change. The poor became poorer. Almost one in two in India is today living below the poverty line. India has a huge fiscal deficit. We have so many programs to uplift the masses, but a major portion of the money is sucked by the political leadership. There are people who ask what  freedom  has done to the land? Well, the major change is the exploitation has changed hands. A new set of super-rich and super-powerful leaders have emerged who control the media and  even the thinking of the middle class.  The latter are made to believe that India is fast progressing and it is going to be a super-power when in reality the country is one of the poorest and least developed. One of out of two houses does  not have a toilet or drinking water. One out of two gets Rs20/-(20 cents) a day!      

The  top political  leaders have hoarded lakhs of crores of rupees in foreign secret accounts. Corruption is an organized syndrome. Unless our CAG exposes these scams nobody is even going to know the extent of the looting that is happening in India. The country is one of the most corrupt nations on the face of the earth. The Nehrus have perpertuated this 'great' culture .


  1. Sir, with same thoughts please see this article also on Indian farmers & give your valuable suggestions -

  2. I have gone through the first page of Bharat NIrman Sena. I fully agree with whatever is mentioned. The real India is the poor 60% who are exploited and looted. I agree and I can offer my support to its mission.

  3. This is not an eye opener, but the plain truth and known to everyone in India. The power was transferred from the Brits to our politicians and the clerks who served the Brits are now labelled as IAS officers who is running the show and living Royal life.
    there is no point in trying to change the system as the system will change you. Be a creator and create your own world and live your life king size.
    Capt.Noble Pereira

  4. Capt. Nobel Pereira
    Very nice to have read your thought provoking comment .
    Yes, sir. While we try to make our life comfortable how can we shut ourselves from what is going around?