Thursday, March 8, 2012

India a super power or a pauper?

The middle class of India (watching  the Indian media  which pamper them) think that the country is going to be a super power. But the reality is nowhere near the coveted position. The London School of Economics maintain that this dream my remain a myth. There are some achievements in fields like sustaining democracy, cultural strides and some growth.  They  are nullified by:
1.       Weakness in so many fronts like widespread and extreme poverty, illiteracy, backwardness of women ,mal-nutrition and sickness of children,  high birth rate, population explosion, wrong priorities in the allotment of central funds, subsidy culture,   budget deficits,  and so on.
2.       Corrupt leadership especially the congress leadership who are corrupt to the core and who directly or indirectly promote corruption to enrich and empower themselves. The top political family is reported to have the maximum black money in the country. They have to shield themselves and in the process the entire machinery is to be kept corrupt. (India is one of the most corrupt nations in the world (95th  in a total of 110 or so surveyed!)
3.       Religious extremism and caste polarization is ruining the nation. People are madly religious unlike the developed countries and even their thinking is along religious lines. Top national politicians try to placate and favor the minority community to get votes. Politics have degenerated to the level of pleasing minorities.
We need sincere leaders interested in the country’s development (not the ones Indira Gandhi who eradicated poverty from the face of the nation with slogans like ‘Garibi Hatao’( Discard poverty), ‘The nation is on the move’ written everywhere or likethe new flamboyant young guy, Rahul  Gandhi who  sleeps in a poor man’s hut for a night, talks about the absence of power in a village woman’s house  in the parliament, drinks tea from a street vendor and conducts road shows-spending millions for his security alone!. These are gimmicks and the guy seems to be enjoying the whole thing as a show, eyeing the throne of the Prime Ministership of the nation dangling in front. See the way democracy works here!  
India should not even aspire for such exalted status unless and until the leaders become sincere in developing the country (not themselves)  and try to rectify educational backwardness, educate and empower women,  eradicate  the caste and religious extremism , extreme poverty  and  illiteracy.  

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  1. Welcome Sir,
    You have shown the courage to speak out the fact as it is. We do not have a single organization, be it the civilian administration, the armed forces, the investigating agencies like CBI or Vigilance, the space agency, just to name a few, which is free from the grip of corruption. I blame the politicians for the present state of total degeneration as they are there in power to protect the corrupt. Another curse to this nation is castism. One philosopher and visionary said "Do not ask caste" to your fellow beings as they are all God`s children but today, anything and everything is decided on what religion and caste you belong to. This is the country the great Ex President aspires to be the world Super power by 2020! Just eight more years and India the SUPER POWER! What a great dream! Of course, nobody keeps a ceiling on what one can dream.