Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Plight of women a cause for India's backwardness?.

The condition of women is an excellent indicator of the status of a  nation. By this yardstick India is one of the most backward countries. Her 550 million women (less than the number of men due to female infanticide and selective abortion) are still leading a life of utter poverty, illiteracy and neglect in a patriarchal society.   One of the causes for persistence of hunger and abject poverty in India is due to the subjugation, marginalization and disempowerment of women. The oppression of women is so much here that Indian women do not even think about equality.
The Indian woman is jobless, hungry and malnourished,   poor illiterate and oppressed,  anemic and unhealthy, has five or six  children,  lives in a poor home with an alcoholic and abusive husband.  . They suffer from hunger and poverty much more than men and she has the primary responsibility to feed, educate and guide the children. Women are more hungry and malnourished than men as they have to eat at last (even when they are lactating) after ensuring the male members had enough. Females get less food and health care..  
Girls get less education (the preference is always for boys), even if sent to school they are pulled back to help the household. Women end up working more hours than men (often more arduous work) and their work goes unrecognized and unpaid. Women who are employed outside have to do the entire household work all by themselves and the males only find fault with what they do..
A guy who marries a girl has to be offered a huge dowry and other valuables as per the pre-agreement of the conditions of the ‘sale’ of the woman. She is a like commodity sold by her family to his family, the only difference being the sold item  has to be offered with a huge amount. A girl is expected to be a virgin before marriage but the boy’s past does not matter at all.  After marriage she is generally ill-treated, assaulted and murdered (for bringing less dowry) in the households by the husbands and in-laws.  Female infanticides and selective abortions is common too.  The constitution of India guarantees equality but under the prevailing patriarchal society and its norms,  women are powerless to decide their life or the number of children they want, whom they will marry or what they will do.
Women are traditionally responsible for the welfare of their families but excessive poverty (more than one in two of all women is under extreme poverty) make them helpless. Without family planning measures she delivers a number of children many of whom die an early death and she herself may die at childbirth.
Women are more mal-nourished, ill-treated, assaulted, abused and subjugated. They are less educated, have lesser skill and are confined within the four walls of the house unable to have a meaningful life, or contribute to the development of the society and family as a whole. There may be exceptions to this in the urban areas but as a whole it holds good.  The plight of women and their backwardness could be the single most reason for the underdevelopment of India.


  1. Tradutor
    A Índia com seus costumes, aberrações sociais, nos choca, e saber que estamos no século XXI, num mundo avançado, onde a tecnologia impera, em sinal de progresso, outra mentalidade, nova geração… Tudo que você descreve nos parece um pesadelo. Como sofre a mulher na índia, que país selvagem, ignorante, sem nenhuma humanidade! No mundo, existe algum rei, presidente, ministro, general, chefe religioso, magistrado, parlamentar, filósofo, cientista, doutor, artista, professor, letrado ou analfabeto, em qualquer atividade terrena, que não tenha nascido do ventre da mãe e que não necessitou do seio, dos braços, dos cuidados, das lições e do amor dessa mulher? E quando falamos de religiões, doutrinas, filosofias, seitas, credos diversos e todos os sincretismos, não devemos nos esquecer de que, por tradição, costume, fé dogmática, crendice ou superstição, não raramente, elas são estruturadas, hierarquizadas e dirigidas por homens, alguns sinceros e bondosos, mas muitos interesseiros e ávidos por poder. Vivemos numa sociedade patriarcal, que valoriza os meninos sobre as meninas". Parabéns por mais um artigo que nos mostra a real face da Índia, terrível Índia.
    India with its customs, social aberrations, shocks us, and we know that in the XXI century, in the advanced world where technology reigns as a sign of progress, different mentality, a new generation.
    Everything you describe seems to be a nightmare. As a woman in India suffers that savage country, ignorant, no humanity!

    Worldwide, there is a king, president, minister, general, religious leader, judge, a lawmaker, philosopher, scientist, doctor, artist, teacher, literate or illiterate, in any earthly activity, that is not born of the womb and not needed the breast, arms, care, lessons and love this woman?

    And when we talk about religions, doctrines, philosophies, sects, creeds and all the various syncretism, we must not forget that, by tradition, custom, faith, dogma, superstition and superstition, not infrequently, they are structured, hierarchical and directed by men , some sincere and kind, but many selfish and greedy for power.

    A patriarchal society, Ignorant that values ​​boys over girls
    It remains the belief that millennial view women as second class citizens, whose only function is to follow the men, like dogs and destitute of rights to be heard, seen and respected.

    Prejudice, open or disguised, is a painful expression of lack of love, moral defect of those who practice and for those who call themselves religious, Christian or not, but fear God, demonstrates not be charitable! Listen for the bad example:
    prejudice, that is, above all, lack of charity to one's fellows - male or female, rich or poor, are either poor, literate or illiterate. Teach the learned that prejudice is "a concept formed in advance and without reasonable grounds; opinion is formed without reflection, it is ignorance that requires or prevents certain acts they are charged; usual unscientific"; primary idea is that left out opinions that challenge; intolerance and conventionality is blind, is, in short, moral blindness. When done, sooner or later, under the Natural Law of Action and Reaction, of course, will result in humiliation, pain and suffering to human beings that exercised.

  2. "Who does not love learning, learn from the pain," because the evolution of the Spirit is a Natural Law. This, every day becomes more true: the failure of man against the woman, with the violence she suffered for many years, before the silence of most of the authorities and their own religious leaders, women's movements have been organizing themselves in various parts of the earth, seeking laws to protect women. For example, in Brazil, to curb gender violence secularly foisted his wife was born the so-called "Law Maria da Penha" (Law 11,340, enacted on August 7, 2006): men would not learn by love, and now learn by pain, in prison, to respect women.

    When some idiot questions about "Who is more: the man or woman?" "Who's smarter: the man or woman?" - Questions are cretins, not logical or scientific, because the power of brute force or the dictatorship of the cry or the superiority of sex remains only in individuals of airhead who does not know themselves and know nothing about the Spirit, be smart or Nature of Creation, progressive and eternal, that every human being is endowed with intelligence.

    Wise are the words of the poet Victor Hugo: "Man is the code, the woman, the Gospel. Code fixes, and the gospel perfects."

    One last question: Was the man without woman?

    Congratulations for an article that shows the real face of India, India terrible.

    milena lourenço