Friday, December 30, 2011

Can We Prevent Natural calamities?

  In a sense, thought are things and the prolonged, intense thoughts do become things. A building is first conceived as an idea before it is transferred into a paper and then into the ground.  Everything that we see down here began as a thought. The whole civilization has been made real through man’s imagination and his thoughts.  But all that happen on this earth are not brought about by thoughts. 
There are natural disasters like tempests, hurricanes, earthquakes, famines, volcanic eruptions, floods, pestilences, epidemics and plaques which occur as per the inherent physical, gravitational and chemical laws of this planet, the Solar system and the universe as a whole. No one including gods can prevent or produce them.. The forces involved are colossal, beyond even the reach of human imagination.  Yes, conscious, energized and persistent thoughts always become reality or whatever one visualizes for long does happen. The energy and the mental vibes will influence nature to attract forces, people and circumstances that will help in the transformation. The brain vibrations will interact with the universal energy and the invisible thing becomes tangible. But it is erroneous to say that ‘things are thoughts.’
Natural calamities are also forms of energy. But the energy involved is colossal. The forces are massive and huge. Nobody can bring or stop a volcanic eruption or an earthquake or a hurricane.  Imagine one of us thinks of stopping one of them. Let us say one focuses all his thoughts on stopping an earthquake. His thoughts produce some energy, but it is negligible in comparison to the massive tectonic forces involved in shaking this earth! Even if a billion people concentrated upon the desire in absolute harmony and channelized their thoughts on the target, it would amount to almost nothing in comparison.
A thought produces infinitesimal energy. A million peoples’ thoughts of a day or a month or a year will not produce any significant value to affect a natural calamity.  Everything in nature follows the laws of the Universe.  Bigger forces overpower smaller ones. Who can stop the earth spinning around the sun? It has been doing so for over 4200 million years! It has to continue its revolution and its rotation around its own axis so far as the overpowering sun’s gravity lasts. . The sun, with all its attendant planets and their moons, is revolving around the galactic nucleus with a speed of 250 kilometers per second!  It cannot stop this either. Everything on this earth---plants, animals and humans ----are produced by an infinitesimal portion of the sun’s energy that reaches this earth. The ‘poor’ little humans down here cannot prevent  natural calamities which are powered by the Sun and the changes happening on the earth’s core and its mantle.  Man has to produce colossal amounts of energy to bring about any change and as he can never do the same and natural calamities will continue.  

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