Friday, December 23, 2011

Chain the thieves, save the land

India is fabulously rich in its natural resources and manpower. It is going to be the third economic power.   It has more gold than, perhaps, any other country. But it has more extremely poor people than any other nation too:  more than 400 millions live below the poverty line (less than $1.25 a day). About 40% of its children are malnourished stunted or wasted. Who drains away all the wealth coming to the government by way of taxes? Every year $27 billion (1,25,000 crores of rupees) are stashed off in foreign secret account by Indians each year! Calculate for the last 50 years the amount so drained away and you will know where the wealth of the Indians is! Why is the government, its ministers and the top ladies and gentlemen doing nothing about it? Because they are all honest people! Why is the CBI not able to trace the secret accounts? Because, they are all honest people too!

In the telecom scam alone 200,000 crores have been reportedly swindled! Only Raja had been apprehended and none from the government or the party who got a good  share of it. Because they are all honourable people! The CBI gives protection to the biggest hoarders of black money because they are all honourable persons! In the ‘money for votes’ scam the CBI could implicate only Amar Singh because all those who received the bribes are honourable leaders! The honorable rulers want the CBI to remain a stooge in their hands and hence insist on excluding it from the ‘LokPal  Bill’. The rulers want to retain the power to appoint and remove CBI top brass at will because they are all honorable people. The CBI will be made to arrest or acquit those whom the rulers want. The status quo of the CBI,  tainted  with allegations of corruption will be continued as the rulers are honourable people. Anna Hazare, the national crusader against corruption at all levels, who owns nothing but a mat to sleep and a bowl to eat and his team will be haunted because the rulers are honourable people!  Who will chain those who loot systematically this country and its wealth and make the millions starve and live a life of hell? Who will chain those who make our children malnourished, stunted or wasted? Who will chain those who make this great nation a land of the extremely poor and sick people? 

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