Sunday, December 11, 2011

Timeless Traveller

As mentioned before, I used to be awestruck at the universe and its marvels. The idea of Einstein that time stands still when we go at the speed of light had affected me a lot. May be like many of you, I do not want my time here to end. If only I could travel at the speed of light! I thought over it for a long time and at last I started visualizing a guy who through my imagination, defied time.

He was born on a transatlantic flight and he went across the earth in supersonic jets. He longed to go to the distant stars at the speed of light. This target consumed his worldly needs and his body shrank into a dot of squeezed up brain. The fire within burned like fusion and he became a subatomic particle. He thrust forward steadying at the speed of light and flashed past stars and planets, galaxies and island universes. Intense boredom deflected his course back to the Milky Way. The sun was gone with its attendant planets and their moons. There was a dark mass of immense density around. He longed to see the earth, his place, his house with its blooms, his dear people and all his friends.  They all had evaporated long back and joined a cloud of gas circling the dark mass. He felt sad and he wanted to end his life. But there was no way. He  had to keep on going and wait till the whole matter compressed into a tiny dot with infinite density to pull him in just before another Big Bang. He became sad as he did not want to live without an end.            

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