Sunday, December 4, 2011

A child of 6 badly needs one cent!

I was 6 and  in grade 1 of our village school. There was a circus show arranged in the school and I badly wanted  one "ana"( less than 5 paisa or  one tenth of a cent) to view the show. It was announced  three days before and I was dreaming to get the 'big amount' somehow. I told my people at home but no one would listen. They had other pressing problems. (We were seven children and keeping them alive without starvation was a big task). I asked my father who had a 'lot of money' and who spent much of it in the toddy shop, but he gave me an angry look and I ran off with my life. My mother did not have any. On the day of the great show I reached school with the hope that somehow, through a miracle at least, I would be able to watch the 'gala event.' But nothing of that sort happened. After the first hour the school bell rang  to announce the magic show. Those who had paid money could assemble in the courtyard and watch the show, others had to leave. I was heartbroken. I could see all my friends running to the venue jubilantly. I traced my steps back home with tears rolling down in a copious flow.  

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