Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Resolutions

2012 has just arrived. An old year has been rung out and a new one rung in. The new year gives us all a lot of hope. We can forget all our mistakes and shortcomings. We can dream and restart in right earnest. 
The past is past; let the us bury the past. Here is the freshness of yet another year. One where we can keep our resolutions and promises we have made to ourselves.
Have you made New Year resolutions? Like we did last year and the year before? Let them not become nasty reminders of the broken promises we made to ourselves. Let us not make any for the sake of making them. Let us make them only  if we intend to carry them out, come what may.
Let us resolve to go a little more to love our dear ones, spend more time with our kids, love more our partner, forgive their shortcomings, ignore their bad habits, sacrifice our egos a little more, go that extra mile to make him/her happy. Let us learn to give more and help more. After all life's pleasures lie in loving and giving. Let us resolve to invest in ourselves: learn a new skill, acquire more ideas on what we do or get a fresh diploma; start dreaming for a better job with a higher pay. Let us resolve to bring down our fab by 10 lbs or whatever, start exercising every day and make ourselves fitter in mind and body.
We have just 366 (its a leap year!) days before another year comes whistling by. Each day, each hour and each minute is important.We have the same time Mother Teresa, Michelangelo, Helen Keller or Leonardo Da Vinci had. The quality of our life is decided by how we spend each minute.. Let each minute be fruitful and happy.  Let us resolve not to waste a single minute of a single day. Let us make this year of the 80-100 odd years we have on this planet a memorable one which we will truly live.       

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