Friday, December 23, 2011

Women persecuted today as Christians did in the 'dark ages' to pagans!

In the Punjab Province of Pakistan, Ayesha, an 18 year old girl, accused of adultery by her husband, left her husband’s home to stay with her brother for fear of her life. Her husband, accompanied by his brother, under the guise of reconciliation, met her and persuaded her to return to his house. She agreed. When they were traveling back, her husband and his brother stopped the car in a semi-remote area and started to beat and torture her. They cut off her nose and her lips and left her in a field to die. in another incident, a Pakistani woman, Shamin Mai, who committed the “crime” of marrying a man of her own choosing rather than acquiescing to a pre-arranged marriage by her family, had her legs chopped off by her brother and uncle!
In Iran, two girls, identified only as Zohreh and Azar – sisters, were sentenced to death by stoning, having been convicted of adultery. The “crime” for which these two women were convicted and sentenced to death was caught on a video tape. This “adultery” consisted of the two women being in the presence of other men when their husbands were absent. There was no sexual activity, no touching.  But under the Sharia Law they committed “adultery” and have been sentenced to death by stoning. They also received 99 lashes for “illegal relations.” They would be buried up to their neck heads covered with a black cloth. The “executers” would stand at a short distance, throw stones of the prescribed size, at the exposed heads until the girl dies. An Afghani woman's husband was a drunkard and an womaniser. She had to earn a living to bring up her children. She sought separation and one day the man poured acid on her face so that no man would desire the  beautiful woman. She became blind and so disfigured that even her kids were afraid of her!   Women are perceived as the private property of the men in a few nations of the Middle East. A man can buy as many wives as he can afford. Even when there are many wives, a number of wealthy Arabs enter into temporary marriages with very young women from poor countries like Yemen. Of course they will be compensated for their ‘services’. These hapless women, when sent off, will  remain unmarried as no follower of this religion wants to marry a woman used by another. Many of these rich men go to London or Paris or Moscow to sleep with prostitutes. The wives back home will be waiting  for the arrival of their husband, confined within the four walls of the house delivering or bringing up children, many of whom grow up without even seeing their father. Women can go out only in ‘Purdhah’ like ghosts; they cannot drive nor take up employment. When the men return from their foreign sojourns they pass on deadly diseases. In a few Arab homes there are jail-like rooms where a disobedient wife is kept under solitary confinement. She is not provided with food or water and the husbands go in occasionally to kick, beat and push her against the walls. The poor woman suffers the ordeal and prays Allah to give her deliverance from this life. Women suffer beyond words can say. 

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