Monday, December 5, 2011

Nudity at 10.

 When I was in grade V, there was a well to-do chubby boy in our class. My close friend, Thomas and I used to sit on either side of this rich fellow in our bench in the front row. He was also dark like us but his bones and tummy were not protruding like ours. He wore nice half pants, shirt, belt and chappals. Me and my friend had only cheap half-pants.The buttons that were meant to hold them in position were gone and we used to tie the loose ends in a knot and tuck it inside in the firm hope that it would hold. As we did not have anything else underneath it was a precarious way of hiding our nudity. Most of the time it held but there were occasions, when the knot untied and the whole thing slid down to our ankles when we ran or jumped and we would hurriedly pull it up and ensure the knot was firmly tucked in again. There were girls in the class but we were preoccupied with our hunger and other wants that such obscenities did not matter then. We were ten  plus but were unaware of our age or the difference the presence of the girls made. For all practical purposes they did not exist. Further, there were such occasional nude shows in the school which no one bothered or took seriously. We had only the bare necessities to sustain life and we did not reflect upon the impact of our fleeting nudity on others.      



  1. Beautiful sir...! memories to cherish. And a wonder story for future generation.

  2. Sir, You took me back to my younger years.