Friday, December 16, 2011

What are you now?

Many thinkers stress that we make what we are. That we are totally free to grow and develop.
But do we have the same opportunities, the same  IQ, and emotional level?
Does one's early childhood affect one's growth?
French philosopher Rousseau said all are free and equal. Are we that equal?
There are many born blind, crippled, deaf, mute and feeble minded or with the propensities for sicknesses and mental disorders including madness.
A child born in a nation like USA, UK,Germany Norway, Sweden or Australia have millions of times better inopportuneness to develop and grow than one from Somalia, Ethiopia , Bangladesh or India. The latter may not even survive childhood. They will not go to school and will be malnourished and sick.
One's biology, the structure of the grey matter (both inherited)  and early childhood experiences  do affect one's responses and behaviour. Success very much depends on one's EQ and EI which, in turn, are nurtured in the early days of one's life.  If  parents do not love you or if they fight all the time leaving you to fend for yourself, you will not develop like another one who is loved,, accepted and given proper care.  The home environment has a say in determining how you grow, keep your relationships, interact with others and meet life's challenges. Parents and home make your personality, complexes (inferiority, superiority or any other), security or insecurity, emotional stability or instability and decide the patterns of social interaction. The inherited biology (of the grey matter) and home environment draw a clear blue print for your life. As there are billions of permutations and combinations in what one gets though the genes and the types of homes, each individual has a totally different potency to develop and grow or fail.
In an ideal condition, one gets a good physique, an above average or high IQ, good biology and brain structure coupled with well settled, loving parents in a good social set-up. Contrast this with a poor child born with a low IQ in a slum to quarrelling parents!
Think about yourself and see how your lineage and home environment have influenced your life.
Why are most people average or failures? The majority have a poor  IQ, EQ, and SI(social intelligence) and they lack the material means to thrive.  
How many have the persistence like Edison, Colonel Sanders, Henri Ford  or the will of Nelson Mandela, Gandhi or Martin Luther King?
How many can overcome failures like Abraham Lincoln,? How many of us can challenge adversities like Helen Keller?
How many will dare like Mark Ingles (a double amputee who scaled Mount Everest)?
How many of us has the IQ of Albert Einstein?
How many can sing like Jim Reeves or Michael Jackson?
How many can paint like Picasso or Michael Angelo?
How many has the bodily adornments of Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears or Brad Pitt?
The great ones seems to be more born than made.
We need not be envious of those who are lucky (they did not ask for it) or lie down licking our wounds. The world is not bothered whether you were born poor or rich, with high or low IQ, in a home of love or strife. It wants you to win; it goes with the winners only. No arguments please. No questions entertained. That is how the game of life is played.
Who wants to know your history? The world does not want to know where you plan to reach.What are you now? That is all what counts. If you don't want to come up that is your problem. There might be some  limits for you but you can, by sheer work, reach at least the top of that limit.

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