Sunday, June 3, 2012

Communism makes Kerala & Bengal poorer?

 There are only very few who still cling on to the discarded, totally proven wrong political philosophy, communism. Societies which embraced it have regressed and became poorer.  USSR. East Germany, East European countries, Cuba are all examples. The people of Kerala, Bengal and Tripura still believe in communism and hold the most repressive dictators like Stalin in high esteem. The sad paradox is that they do not understand the inherent flaws in the philosophy and the universal failure of the experiment.

 Russia (one sixth of the world then with abundant natural resources and little population) after embracing communism became one of the poorest nations in the world. A counter revolution was required to bring it back to the path modernization and growth.  Fidel Castro has, of late, realized his blunders and is trying to follow market economy principles to set right the blunders of communism. China, as everyone knows is following capitalist principles and free market economy. But communism is still the utopia for the people in the above Indian states.  

They are still bewitched by the ‘October revolution’ of Russia and the obsolete concepts of Lenin and Marx which have been proven wrong many times over. It is proved beyond doubt that the dictatorship of the proletariat would destroy any society. Kerala and West Bengal where communism has ruled for many years have gone industrially backward. The prevailing high level literacy was an offshoot of the efforts of rulers of the past and the missionaries and it has nothing to do with this renegade philosophy. It has made our workers lazy, and militant, clamoring only for their rights, more wages and benefits without linking it to production. Lockouts, agitations and strikes have chased away the industrialists and even existing industries. Without the remittances of those employed overseas Kerala would have become very poor. 

Social equality has been much better in any developed country than in a communist one .It is common knowledge that the ordinary Russians had to queue up for a piece of bread when the polit bureau members had all the conceivable luxury. Inequality is a law of nature. Economic and industrial progress can alone reduce poverty and misery and free market principles are the only known way to ensure the same. 

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