Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shut off the 'internal tape'

Studies on psychology have shown that success on whatever we undertake depends on our internal communication or tape that keeps going on with or without our conscious involvement. It is like a never ending recorded message that goes on for ever. It gives positive or negative affirmations depending on our attitude, confidence levels and above all experiences. If we keep repeating to ourselves: 'I have not been set right from the beginning' (when there is a failure) or 'this is all in my stars,' theses thoughts get indelibly marked in the subconscious and they will ensure further failures. Break these thought patterns: You have not been always set the wrong way. There has been good things happening to you too, you have achieved success as well as failures. Failure has no monopoly in your life. 

We fail not because we set out in a wrong way or due to anything else; the villain is this internal tape. Whatever we think continuously turns out into reality. Thoughts have energy of their own; bad thoughts produce negative energy. Consequently bad effort, bad associations, and bad forces come to play and we end up failing. So let us be beware of what is continuously going on in our minds. If a negative tape is on shut it off and install a positive one. Remember all the good things that have happened  in your life and allow them to fill up every nook and corner of your mind consciously. We have the option to enlarge the good stuff --goals and successes achieved, pleasant and confident experiences and happy moments. Brighten them up, enlarge them, hear whatever you heard in them louder, closer, feel intensely whatever you felt and thus shut the door of your mind for the entry of a negative tape.

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  1. muito interessante seu texto obrigado amigo .!