Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is there luck in life?

The immediate answer is yes. Your childhood, parents, poverty or prosperity at birth, your native country, the era of your birth are all beyond your control. One can pass his childhood in utter poverty or amidst wealth depending on the parents. Educated and wealthy parents may give a better childhood than uneducated and poor ones. Those who do not like or love each other, irrespective of their other conditions, can make a child’s life a hell. The country of birth determines to a large extend an youngster’s years. One that is born in Somalia, Ethiopia, India, or Bangladesh will have to confront diseases and wants from day one. The chances that it will survive childhood are very low. Whereas those born in the United States, Scandinavian countries, Belgium, Australia, Japan, Korea and some of the northern European nations will have far better childhood.  Childhood is beyond anyone’s conscious control.

Prince Charles is born the Prince of Wales. Rahul Gandhi is born the future PM of India.  The sons of Mukesh and Anil Ambani are born inheriting business empires. There are millions who become billionaires by virtue of their birth alone. Dynastic ascendance to power and wealth is commonly seen in many parts of the world.  At other end of the spectrum we see billions inheriting poverty, diseases and death. There is a lot of luck and ill-luck in life. By persistent efforts one can overcome debilitating poverty but he lost childhood and its sad memories will haunt him throughout life. Further everyone do not get the disposition to put in the efforts.  

All the great artistic geniuses are more born than made. One cannot, by any amount of hard work, become a Picasso, Michel Angelo, Shakespeare or Beethoven. An inherited athletic frame is very much needed to be a world champion. Anyone cannot become a Michael Jordan, Carl Louis, Mark Spitz  or Ian James Thorpe. There are people with unique voice most apt for singing like Ray Charles. There are people who sing and those who take that voice to another, otherworldly place andcreate a euphoria within themselves like Elvis Presley. Any amount of effort will not take one to their levels. How many can dream to have the sweet melodious voice of Lata Mangeshkar? How many girls are endowed with the features of Iswarya Rai, Bar Rafaeli or Jessica Homes ?

How many can become like Abraham Lincoln, Roosevelt or Mother Teresa? Even greatness is more born. The biology and the structure of one’s brain, IQ level, will and one’s EQ-which propel one to success or failure, is very much genetically transferred.  They are, by far, a product of genetic lottery and early environment. But this is not to undermine the impact of one’s personal efforts. But the urge to put in the effort emanate from one’s convictions and beliefs which, to a very great extent is influenced by the circumstances where one is raised. But there is no point in crying over what one does not have. We have to try with what we have and live a meaningful and successful life making us happy and alive.  

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