Thursday, June 7, 2012

Keep gazing forward, not backward

Stop looking toward your unpleasant past. Keeping gazing forward. Whatever has happened has already happened. What is in store in the future is all that matters. You might have committed mistakes, done blunders; you were not fully responsible for all that. Your heredity, upbringing and upbringing made you do all that. Even otherwise, what is the use in crying over the split milk?Who does not have his share of these anyway?

Let us not regret by looking back; nobody has ever gained anything by doing so. It is a sheer waste of energy and it may endanger your future too. Forget that which is behind. It cannot bind you nor influence your future without your permission. Your days to come will not be rosy if you are tormented by the agony of the past. You put a full stop to all that. Remember only your pleasant experiences, wins and your successes.

Stop trying to change your past.  There is no use; it will always remain the same. The more you turn your attention to the past the less will be the energy left to look, plan and work for the future. The dreams of the future are not built on the foundation of the events of the past.  keep the memories of the empowering and discard the unwanted ones by the wayside.

If you are unhappy or sad let it not be on something that has already happened. You are wasting your time as you have no control on the bygone events. If you live in your past you will kill your future. No one can build a bright future if he keeps thinking about his past misfortunes, blunders, wasted or missed opportunities. You start building your future right from now relying on your will, intense desire and with the conviction of the goals you have set. 

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