Saturday, June 16, 2012

Is India doomed?

Today an Italian rules India.  There is a PM who is more than eager to do her bidding. He was a thorough professional and he had performed very well under a well-intentioned PM, Narasimha Rao. But today’s chief executive does not seem to be interested in the welfare or the development of the country. The Italian wife of Rajiv controls the strings of power. Her family is reported to have the highest amount of black money deposited in foreign banks. May be she thinks she can buy the country (win the elections) with her immense wealth. Her other agenda is to enthrone Rahul Gandhi, into the PM’s seat. The PM is a rubber stamp who seems to enjoy being in the chair more than anything else. He is not interested in revealing the names of those who have black money in the foreign banks as he has to shield the thieves in the ship itself. In order to protect them he has to bend laws, make the investigating agencies puppets in the hands of the rulers. Endless scams, corruptions stories and misappropriation of mind-blogging amounts of public funds surface every other day. But who cares?
60% of India’s population (626 million Indians) defecate in the open! Almost half of the entire population do not have a toilet and are living below or at the brink of the poverty line. 40-45% of India’s children suffer from malnutrion, diseases and are stunted. Women are the worst sufferers in this patriarchal society; they are by and large illiterate, unemployed and are suppressed by the males. They are mostly reproducing machines or sex objects who work in the murky and smoky house-holds tending to the ever increasing children and looking after the abusive husbands. There are a number of government welfare schemes for the poor, a greater part of the funds of which are eaten away by the bureaucrats. As almost everyone in the government is corrupt (remember India is the most corrupt nation in the world); the salaried government servants make illegal income and thrive. The government is directionless; fiscal deficits, inflation, are all very high. The defense expenditure, salary and pension for the bureaucrats are enormous. There is no serious infrastructure development and the nation seems to be doomed. Yes, the black money getting deposited abroad increase day by day as per the statements of those foreign banks. And those who keep depositing large amounts there (to the tune of thousands of crores) have a hearty laugh just like Rajiv Gandhi, the former PM (husband of Sonia) had always a smile dangling between his lips thinking about the Bofors Gun kickbacks.                        


  1. Yes we are doomed, India needs a bloody revolution a mega war or intense proportions, to install the strong righteous men, the India of the humble idiotic statesman, like Lal Bahadur don't work, we need a Kautilya, men of immense love for the nation and the cruelty of heart to go to any length to serve it.

  2. Lack of leadership, unruly population (not willing to obey rules), lack of role model as a leader, siphoning of money for deposit in Swiss banks, and uneducated/unintelligent population not understanding governance, law, etc are some of the main causes!