Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to improve your memory and brain?

1. understand that your brain and memory is good. When you think they are poor, they will respond to you accordingly. It is just like when you believe a person is bad he behaves to you in a bad way. Everyone's brain is good in some way; they are never bad. Thinking makes it so. You were given a good brain when you were born and it will ever remain ever so unless you make it bad thinking bad about it or without exercising it properly. Stop saying to yourself or others your memory is bad. 
2. Have strong, high aims and go after them. Your memory and brain always seem to function better when you command it to do so. Pursuing a high goal is in effect a command to your brain to function better.
3. You need relaxation for these to function at optimum levels. Tension decreases their efficiencies. Regular physical exercise, spending time with one's family and listening to soothing music will relax brain. If one can be in  a relaxed state his efficiency goes up.
4. Shut the door to the past. All of us have had our share share of bad past. But there is no point in crying over the split milk. Bury the unpleasant past. You were not responsible for them as your upbringing and early childhood environment influenced you to do blunders. But they are dead and gone.
5. Help others, rub off a tear, help bring a smile.  If you hold a grudge againts others, if you dislike someone, if you lie, if you spread false rumours or if you feel jealous or greedy you finer faculties may not reach their full potency.
6. Sufficient sleep: a human brain requires 8 hours' rest in a 24 hour cycle. If you sleep less or more it will adversely affect it. If you sleep less, they will be stored as 'sleep debt' and one will tend to doze off when he is trying to concentrate.
7. Memory works better when you follow your biorhythm. You will have then a particular time for sleep,play study and work. If you try to learn during the normal sleeping time, memory my not be at its best.
8. Enjoy what you do or better do what you enjoy. If what you do is something you enjoy your memory and brain helps you do it in a better way;  remember the reverse is true too.
9. Do not eat too much nor too little.It is always better to follow the principle, 'eat less'. After a heavy meal the brain and memory functions less efficiently. Pangs of hunger will reduce your concentration too.
10 spend some time meditating regularly to improve the sharpness and concentration levels of your brain.    

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