Friday, June 1, 2012

Little ways to get great feelings

True happiness does not concern itself with how much wealth you have or how much power you wield. It consists of how you live your life. What you do with the things you have makes all the difference.  Even a small thing can make a big difference. When you pay your bill for lunch, you can keep something for the waiter.   You can be very stingy and keep very little, or you can be generous and keep a little more than he expects. If you give more it would affect the way you feel about yourself. When someone comes calling for a donation for a cause, give him a little more than you can and generate a great feeling.

If a poor stranger is asking for money for a meal, do give him enough for a good meal. After all you are capable to have food every day, he is not. Share a little of what you have willingly and experience a great feeling inside. When you do this often you are adding to your self-esteem, the ultimate builder of success. If you turn him off giving nothing, you would get a guilty or bad feeling which will cause much more harm than the worth of the amount you would not part with. your friend just like that and tell him you felt like calling him as you loved him. Share with others special information you have come to possess.  Share your success and triumphs with others and keep your sorrow to yourself. 

When the day is done and you are lying down to sleep ask yourself whether you have helped a suffering soul, whether you have wiped a tear and brought back a smile. Have you given out more than you are expected of in your job? Or, were you following the work-to-rule principle doing the bare minimum? The latter would certainly make you have an inadequate feeling.  Did you make a soul-let it be your partner, child, parent, friend or stranger happy today? Did you get a great feeling though your deeds? 

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