Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sharpen your saw

Is it not good to reflect upon the state of ourselves occasionally? It has a physical and a mental dimension.
Are we physically and mentally fit?
Is our memory and brain in good shape?
Are we investing in ourselves to better our value in the  market place?

Physical fitness involves eating less, keeping our BMI well within limits and doing aerobic, muscle building and flexibility exercises. Above all move more as success very much depends on the quantity and quality of our movements. Do we eat more fruits, and vegetables? And avoid sugar, sugary soft drinks and salt? Do we take enough water to flush our system? Are we always fruitfully engaged?

Without keeping our brain and memory in top shape we cannot expect much from this life careerwise or otherwise. If they get rusted or unexercised, that will tell upon our lives. Apart from the chances for an attack of Alschemers or Parkinson's  diseases, our vitality, sharpness and intellectual ability depends on you keeping them exercised. Improve the left and right brain synchrony by making both the hands dexterous.Do we do some memory exercises and brain puzzles? Do we learn something new and update ourselves in our chosen fields?   If we activate our brain and memory and keep them in top shape our countenance will display energy and vitality.                  

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