Friday, June 29, 2012

Death alone can give majority of Indians deliverance!

836 million Indians, according to a recent government-commissioned study, live on Rs 20/- 30($1/3-1/2) or so a day. That is all they can afford. If it costs more, 77 per cent of this country's population cannot afford to live! Death will be the only way out.
This is the unfortunate reality of the ‘super-power’ and ‘resurgent’ India. There are rich people like Mukesh Ambani who lives in a 27 storey mansion (all for himself) and the immensely rich political leaders who are alleged to have stacked thousands of billions of dollars in secret accounts in foreign banks like the first family. There may be one percent Indians (mostly the corrupt government officials  and  political leaders; business men included) who are rich and prosperous. There may be 10-15% middle class families who can boast about cricket and the ‘great strides’ India has made. They get lost in the glowing terms with which we describe ourselves in the international media, and in the glory that India has joined the ranks of the world's economic powers! But they forget that the vast majority of India's Real People are wallowing in utter poverty, mostly illiterate and waiting for death to give them deliverance from their sufferings. The shining malls, the fancy real estate properties, the big defense deals, nuclear tests, sending rockets to the moon to probe water there, make no difference to them whatsoever. For the vast majority of Indians and their children death alone can end their poverty, diseases and suffering.
What is life for the citizens of the Real India like? The unfortunate vast majority who live in the nation's slums, blighted areas and in rural sections go without toilet (defecating in the open) without a dwelling,  water supply or a  meal a day, grappling with all sorts of diseases from the time of birth till they die, unable to afford more than Rs 20-30 a day. Think about the war for survival, the battle may prolong only until the next day, the day of death. Which Indian leader is truly concerned about them? The ruling politicians who do all nice talk are mostly concerned about aggrandizing their power base and enriching themselves.


  1. se vivem com menos de Rs 20 / - ($ 1/3) mais ou menos um dia.
    Por Deus essas pessoas estão abaixo da linha de pobreza .Isso significa 836 milhões de povos abaixo da linha de pobreza
    uma noticia realmente intristecedora,

    fica claro a falta de politicas públicas e falta de amor ao prócimo.
    o pior é saber que isso existe em todo o mundo .

  2. This Statistics is quite incorrect. Maximum 10% of Indian population may be starving. Even a beggar gets more than this amount a day. Moreover the man in the photo appears to be young and there are many jobs that he can do in our country. Now it is difficult to get servants for our house hold works also. The statistics is totally wrong in my opinion and misleading.

  3. The government's official statistics show that 60% Indian defecate in the open. They do not have a toilet or water supply. One in two children are malnourished, emaciated or stunted. May be you have your version of 'starving.' If you mean starving to death your figure could be somewhere near. The sad fact is we house a majority of the world's poorest and majority of Indians are really poor as per our own standards-leave alone the UN poverty level criteria.