Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How Indian leaders loot the people

Recently it was reported that the Indian president Parthibha Patil spent 205 crores (almost $0.4 billion) during her tenure for her foreign trips. What useful purpose did they serve?  Yes, the presidential entourage had very comfortable tours as the Indian VVIPs.  She is simply a ceremonial head; there have been allegations of her involvement in financial misappropriation of funds when she was heading banking institutions. She is a steadfast follower of Sonia Gandhi who has elevated her to powerful positions and that is almost the whole story of her credentials. The poor Indians (50% of whom live with just Rs20- a day) 
have to meet her enormous bill. Sad indeed!

Just the other day, Kerala cabinet approved to make 35 schools of Malappuram district ( belonging to a particular community)  government aided institutions. The government will boot the entire salary and other expenditures of running them while they remain owned by the present managements. The opposition alleges big bribes in the deal and that some leaders made their billions. The keralites will be poorer as they have to meet the additional expenditure of the government for this.  Thinkers cannot be blamed if they feel the leaders loot the people.
It has been alleged that the weapons India buys (the Indian government’s defense expenditure is one of the highest in the world) is poorly sourced or of low standards for enhancing kickbacks . Many of them do not work after a few years and the need to buy arises again. Remember the huge Bofors Gun deal of Rajiv Gandhi and the big kickbacks alleged by some quarters. The tax payers’ money eventually lands up in the pockets of the wily political leaders. That is the fate of this country, one of the most corrupt and poorest nations on the face of the earth.  


  1. Though provoking indeed. I appreciate the idea, Prof.

  2. We all Indians are responsible for that situation. Leaders are looting us and we just watching them.