Saturday, June 2, 2012

Spend quality time with your family

During these busy ages, many people do not find time to devote for their families. However busy you are, whatever amount of work you have carried home, you can, if you want, spend quality time with your family members.  There are CEOs and presidents of big corporations who plan their time so very well that they pay special attention to each member of the family. They bring home a lot of work almost every day. After all you are working so hard for your family.  You have to schedule your time at home so that each member gets your undivided attention.

Let us say your family consists of two young children and your partner besides yourself. You can spend say one hour (from 7pm to 8pm) with your kinds. Play with them , read them stories, help in their homework, draw with them and answer their questions. This is their time, you cannot attend to even calls (better off  even your mobile) and let them feel this one hour is fully for them. By eight they will have dinner and off they go to bed by eight thirty or so. Now you start your office work devote an hour and half. By this time both of you are ready for dinner and bed. Talk about what you both did on that day, the problems you faced and the hurdles you had to overcome. Talk about your kids, share your common concerns and worries and the plans for their future.

Sundays and holidays must be set apart fully for the family. You can plan a trip to picnic spot, go for a cinema, have family games and have the best food you can manage to get. After the day each one will be refreshed and ready for the work-week ahead. If any one of you feels, you do not have time for all these you are simply kidding. There is a lot of time at your disposal and by careful planning you will be able to spend more time with your family.    

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