Friday, June 8, 2012

Make your child feel loved

Parents normally have a lot of love towards their children. But children do not feel so; they think parents do not love or understand them. A big chasm develops between the two. Parents do love their kids in all sincerity and there are many who literally live for their children. But the sad paradox is children do not feel their love. A lot of misunderstanding develops in some way or other and the gap widens as they become teens. In many of our homes today, there is hardly any relationship between parents and their teenage kids.Is there a way out?

Well, there are some simple techniques which can alter the scenario. How many of you look into their eyes with love at least once a day and hold your gaze for 10 seconds or so. Parents normally look at their children (especially if they are past eight or ten) sternly to reprimand them or in a cross examining way to find out the 'real truth'. They look at them very often angrily or disapprovingly too. But how many parents look into their eyes with love brimming in their hearts? If you do not, practice it from toady and observe the difference in their attitude to you. Remember this is not very simple or easy, especially so if your children are  grown ups.

Do you tell them you love them? You may think, 'why should we?' You have been doing everything for their good, and they must understand.  They don't as you do not tell them. Whatever you do as a parent is taken for granted by your child. Express your love in unequivocal terms. simply say, 'mummy/daddy loves you' even when they are 'grown ups.'

Touch your children. Put hands around their shoulders and walk with them for sometime.  Box with your sons or daughters in a playful mood, play with them, embrace them and and hold them nearer, let them feel your love. Touch is one of them best ways to convey your love. Touching makes them stronger and more courageous. Spend time or them exclusively, devote say half an hour every day.  Earmark one day in a month entirely for one child. Go for a movie, go fishing or sight seeing. You do not even take your mobile. Let the whole day be theirs.        

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