Monday, February 20, 2012

Darkness the reality?

There are many of us, including me, who feel that we have been lucky enough to have been born. We are now living in the most advanced civilization (compared to the past and not to the future). We are lucky to marvel at this beautiful world and the most beautiful experience of life. But for how long? For a fleeting second! When the curtain falls everything is over. Darkness will prevail forever. Was it better to have had been in the darkness forever? There was no need for a flicker of light for a second. 

May be  for time,death and birth are all like the joy and sadness we feel in this fleeting second.      

The sands we tread on live for millenniums. Those balancing rocks have existed for billions of years. This giant Bunyan tree has seen the smile and sighs of so many generations of humans. Its roots have been wetted by the tears of so many generations. It has witnessed the wooing of so many couples and later their great grand children’s romance. It is standing there very strong now to witness the courtship of the 21st century teenagers in a unique way. Much more change is yet to come. The mountain over there have witnessed so many such trees come and go. The earth has been spinning around the sun for almost 3 billion years now. And it goes strong even now without any change at all in the speed of spinning or the in time taken to go around. 

Irrespective of what we experience now, it is going to be pitch darkness without the faintest glow of light from anywhere after a short while.  Just eternal darkness will surround us  all. Darkness will become the only reality. 

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