Thursday, February 9, 2012

Succeed with big goals

Success or achievement is our goal of life. Everyone wants success, the best life can offer. No one wants failures, poverty, sickness, wants, mediocrity.  But most of us think that success is destined for only a few. Why a few only succeed and the vast majority are crawling or living in mediocrity? 
        If you believe you can succeed you will and if you think you will fail you are certain to fail. Ask yourself, ‘do I believe I will succeed?’ If your answer is a spontaneous yes, there is no doubt you will be a success. If your answer is no, still you can succeed. You have to bring your mind to believe that you will succeed.
There is nothing magical about the power of belief. Belief generates the power, skill and energy needed to go and win. The majority of the young people who start with a career do not believe they will succeed. And they do not reach the top. Since they do not believe they will succeed, their input is below average and they remain at the bottom of the rungs. But a few march forward with the belief and the how to reach the top is revealed to them by their brain. Strong belief makes it figure out the ways, means and the how to. They take initiatives to climb up the ladder.  When the mind thinks of mediocrity or lowly status, it attracts ways and means to support the belief.
Our mind is a thought factory. It produces thousands of thoughts a day. There are thoughts of success and thoughts of failures. The latter is more prevalent. It is easy for your brain to find out reason why you will not succeed.  It will show you so many alibis.  And you walk into the traps of failure you set for yourself. How to get believing thoughts of success?  Start thinking about success and the reasons for the same. Say to yourself, ‘I will win’, ‘I have the ability’ and ‘I can reach anywhere’. Keep in your mind all your successes, courageous acts, confident encounters, all your strengths. You are in fact better than what you think. Start keeping big goals in front of you. The effort to focus big or small ones are the same. Big ideas and big plans are easier to achieve than mediocre ones as you more inspired to go after the really big goals.        

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