Sunday, February 19, 2012

Does any help come from Above?

Not for the poor. They are in pain and poverty all the time. One in 3 in India get only Rs.11/- or less a day! When I write these words there are dozens of children who are dying without food and water. There are thousands of infants who die out of mal-nutrition and sickness each day.  When a tsunami occurred a few years back a few hundred thousand people -mostly poor ones living along the costs- perished in a moment. Earthquakes, floods and hurricanes kill millions every year. If there is a supernatural purpose for sending man down here why are they mercilessly killed? If the gods are sending their souls to heaven why should they send the poor, blind, mad and crippled ones to suffer here? Do those above enjoy the suffering and shrieks of agony?
             Of all the children born into this world a vast majority of them died before the age of 10 up to the twentieth century when man developed the medical science. There was no cure for any contagious disease until then and entire societies used to be wiped out in a plague or an epidemic. Where were the gods? Pain and suffering has been the reality ever since man’s appearance on this planet. It continues even today, at a lesser degree as man has developed medical science, agriculture and technology. There has been no help coming from above in any way. If man tries hard he can succeed or prolong his life or he can be in abject poverty and sickness until death.
Well there has been a lot of help for the kings who ruled in the name of gods, for the popes, cardinals and bishops who live in luxurious palaces amidst wealth and luxury (with the money collected from the faithful in the name of the gods) and for the religious heads who live like Maharajahs without doing any work.  There is no tangible benefit for ordinary people and any intangible benefit received is only a creation of their own brain.   
The religious guys have taught us that gods are responsible for every thing good in our lives and we are responsible for every thing bad! Even though we have to work hard to bring in a success,  the credit goes to gods. Even if a failure or misfortune happens, for no fault of ours, the blame is on us! 


  1. Factually a correct post. Many people do not realize this.

  2. India has a reputation for being the largest democracy in the world!

    It LIE

    Democracy means equality of all citizens, before the law before the Courts, in health, education, in short, the whole civil rights.

    Is not that what happens in India.

    Based on Hinduism, "religion" polytheistic, and structure and divides society into castes, India, with its more than 1,100 million (thousand and one hundred million) people are formatted into five castes: the top has all rights, its members are at the top of the economy, politics, military, etc..

    Rather, the lower caste, the "Dalit", do not, in the practice of ancestral origins, any rights, are considered worse than animals "sacred" as the cows.

    Although the constitution of the Indian Union have abolished the caste system in 1950, reality shows that, on a daily basis, in real life and concrete, the prejudices against the "Dalit" are still very strong.

    It is normal to see human beings dying on the floor of the abandoned streets and roads, without any support or help, in total disregard of passers by, despicable attitude toward the "Dalit".

    It was to help these human beings that Mother Teresa gave her life and had the means to build shelters and provide health care and essential goods to the "Dalit".
    The Catholic Church continues this gigantic task, forgotten and censored by the hypocrisy, pedantry, the snobbery of the "media" Westerners who deeply despise those who suffer and who takes care of the poor attitudes ... that just shows the lack of humanity and civilized values who dominates the media essays

    Muslims have a habit of considering siblings.
    They boast that Islam is more important to them than, for example, the nation or the respective country.
    However, there are Islamic countries strained relations or nonexistent.
    For example, Morocco and Algeria do not even speak (a situation that very few people know). Saudis and Turks and Saudis and Iranians also do very poorly.
    But they want to throw dust into the eyes of the world treating them as "brothers."
    For whatever.
    In so being the Arabs of the richest people in the world, because of oil, why not help the "brothers" of Somalia where there is risk of almost a million children die of hunger?
    Well .. because the sheiks, imams, ayatollahs and other prefrem spend money on luxuries.