Friday, February 10, 2012

Thoughts become things

Have you ever thought as to how things happen? How do people become sick, poor or successful? Thoughts become things all the time. Not just positive thoughts but negatives ones too. This is good news. We can create what we want.  It is not just limited to attracting material things but also love, joy, pleasure and laughter. Thoughts have energy like everything else in the universe. Even an atom or a grain of sand has a lot of energy in it. Money, house, dress, cars, ships, kitchen equipment, love, affection, anger, hatred, empathy, concern—anything is a condensed form of energy. As energy cannot be created or destroyed the energy of your thoughts gets simply converted into whatever it represents. If you keep the same thoughts for long periods, more and more energy becomes available and the conversion becomes easier. Have you not heard someone say, Be careful of what you wish for, because you might just get it?’ You have heard about the powers of positive thinking.  You may have also heard about the art of visualizing. What is the secret behind all these? Let me put it in 3, short, simple, life changing words?Thoughts are things.  . 
Thoughts and things are related. Things activate thoughts and thoughts activate things.  Thoughts do transform, rearrange, and set into motion the material particles in our brains thereby creating a specific mental state capable of attracting the things our thoughts represent.     

Ordinary people think things happen just like that. They don’t. Thoughts produce them 
To demonstrate, just see this: Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones; you will find that undesirable persons and happenings start to disappear and  positive conditions start to appear. Different or disconnected thoughts produce incoherent energies without the power for materialization. That could be the reason why so many thoughts do not materialize’ You wish or daydream something now, the next moment you wish something else . The next day something altogether different comes in. But coherent thoughts produce similar energies. They get stored in your mind and they materialize the things they represent. More forceful and sustained the thoughts, more the energy output. 
Thoughts with conviction have a power of their own. If you have full faith in your thoughts, enormous energy is produced and the materialization becomes almost instant. 
Weak thoughts have little energy and hence they lack the power to materialize. 

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