Friday, February 24, 2012

Has your life been hard so far?

Anyone can rise up from the depths of defeat, depths of gloom. You need to desire to overcome it and you need to understand that you can. Great achievements always have come after bitter defeats. The more are the defeats the better. The reason is simple. Those who succeed have to face more failures than those who fail. Nature does not allow one to savor true success without having put him/her through a real test of defeats and failures. Success does not come in a silver platter. Yes, there are people who are born rich and powerful or who acquire success easily.  But then the world does not acclaim anyone unless personal merit has been vindicated.                                                                                                        
Has your life been hard so far? Have you toiled hard and reached nowhere? If you stick your finger in the fire, it gets burnt. This is really easy as the effect comes immediately after the cause. But it is not easy to figure out what has caused your present.                                                                                                                          At the end of a winding, long, dark tunnel there is always light and plenty of it. If the tunnel is long and difficult the whole world would be aligned to receive you as a hero when you emerge. You can never get such an acclaim if the going has been rather easy.   You can see light ahead of the darkness now surrounding you, and walk confidently forward. You can also curse it and accept defeat.  The freedom is yours. 

There is no defeat however hard the situation may be.  
I was reading about Oscar Pistorius the other day, a double amputee who is the  fastest man on 'no legs' He is the world record holder in the 100, 200, and 400 meters events (sport Class T44)) He was born on Nov.22, 1986 and  is a South African sprint runner.   A man running on artificial legs can be faster than all of use!  Stephen Hawkins cannot even lift a finger, talk, walk, stand, sit or eat.  He is all paralysed with Neuron Motor Deficiency. Only his brain is intact. But he is the greatest scientist living. He is occupying Newton’s Chair in Oxford University! He has turned into flood light the darkness that surrounds his life. 

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