Monday, February 27, 2012

Why do we fail?

 Life is what you make it, good or bad, rich or poor, famous or mediocre, happy or unhappy. But in my experience, winning isn't about being rich, or having everything. It's about meeting your own goals, and living whichever way makes you happy. Why the majority  do not succeed? They never know what they want. Without knowing what one wants how can one get it? They do not have specific, time bound goals. Too many goals will have the same effect as having none. Vagueness or general wishes is not going to help. "I want to go up," " I will make a lot of money," " I will win in life……" all these are vague and mostly meaningless statements. 
There are many who set a specific time bound goals or decide what they wants to get precisely but they  never start or take even the first step. Things seem too hard for them and they just remain in their comfort zone. If you are stuck at the first step itself, get moving. The only reason you haven’t acted yet could be that you find it difficult to overcome the inertia, or you do not want to move out of your comfort zones. You could be afraid of failing or you may be thinking what others will think if you fail.  No one has succeeded without failing. If you do not start there may not be any failure but you will never succeed too.  Do not be afraid of what others will say; the only people who matter in your life are your dear ones and they already know you aren't perfect and that even if you fail they will accept you. The sad part is those who do not take that first step or retract after a few steps start believing they never can achieve it and forget about the whole thing. 
There are people who blame others for their failures. Stop blaming yourself or anyone else. If something negative happens or has already happened, life is still in your hands.  Let us not forget this; let us not be overwhelmed by the stress of failure or set-backs.   Do not forget you are not the only person in the world with problems. The pain of failure,  loss and regret is something a lot of people feel daily. There are those who fail due to the lack of a realistic plan. They started in right earnest and went ahead but failed as there was no concrete, realistic plan to lead them to their goal.  They give up after trying hard or when they face a difficult challenge or a temporary setback. Absence of review and corrective actions is will seal your fate.  At the end of a particular period there should be evidences of advancement. 

The absence of mentoring or a quality coach can be detrimental too.  You have to acquire all the necessary skill and knowledge about your goals, update yourself of the latest developments and seek expert advice whenever required. There is no use in looking back and trying to correct yourself; you would have already reached a point of no-return. Failure is only a potential feedback. There is nothing called failure unless you mentally accept it. Everyone fails; those who succeed take it as a feedback, analyse the reasons and take corrective steps. Hear  what the great Edison speaks about failures: Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” ….  When you are ready to quit you may be closer to the success you have been dreaming than you ever was.”  

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