Sunday, February 19, 2012

If Jesus comes now!

Jesus Christ lived and died a poor Jew. He had no house, not even a hut and he slept on the open or in the wilderness and preached nice things to the people. He showed a supreme example of how to love each other and to identify with the masses who were, like him, poor and weak. As he openly criticized the Jewish high priests and elders as 'white washed tombs and sons of serpents', he was crucified by the Romans as they feared a Jewish uprising otherwise. He died ignominiously never dreaming of establishing a religion. 

But look at his followers today! They live in the most luxurious palaces where the best delicacies are served and there are servants to make sure of the minutest aspects of their comforts. They wear the costliest dresses and they fly first class or charter an entire aircraft and go 'in search of souls'. They build splendid palaces, summer and winter resorts to make their stay more comfortable on this earth.  No wonder the joy of the spiritual life, they so vehemently advocate, is earmarked for the poor and the weak. 
If Jesus comes back today, he would march with a whip in his hands and beat up most of the luxurious and pleasure -loving priests, bishops, cardinals and their leader and drive them away from their palaces to the huts of the poor to share their pain and sorrow and to show them love.  


  1. The article saya good about Jesus. Please Read all the posts of the professor before you make a comment like this.