Saturday, February 11, 2012

Live beyond 100

Living to a healthy centenarian is not a dream any more.  It is happening everywhere in the advanced nations. There are so many who have completed a century and going strong. Even in the underdeveloped ones, those who know and apply the secrets live beyond one hundred years. It is altogether another matter that man’s average life will be above 100 years in a few decades from now.  Man may eventually conquer ageing and death itself. There are scientists who believe that this may happen in our life time itself. There will come a time when man will die when he wants to. But let us now concentrate on living beyond hundred without the usual old-age diseases and decrepitude or retaining youthfulness to the last. We want to Keep the agility of our limbs, the power of our bran and memory and all sensory capabilities intact throughout our lives. Most of us today think that we have to grow old soon and that we will become senile with impaired hearing, arthritis, weak brittle and thin bones, high BP, high cholesterol sagging skin, less eyesight, less strength and poor hearing. That we will become abandoned, disowned, useless and unwanted. Is it not our expectation that produce the result? After all expectations are self-fulfilling. Suppose you strongly desire to retain youthfulness, delay ageing and live longer, that will become the reality. Haven’t you heard an elderly   parent declaring  ‘I may not be around for the next Christmas.’ In all probability he may not here. Your brain is a computer. It functions as per a written program. If you continuously think that you will die before the nest Christmas, in all probability the brain will carry out that command. On the other hand if you continuously think about your goals to be achieved after your eighties and nineties and the wonderful life you are going to have, it is certain that your super computer will accomplish the dreams in a similar vein. But without desiring long life you will not get one. Everything starts with an intense dream. That is not enough, of course. You need something to live for at any moment of time. There are to be worthy goals after which you set your gaze and you need to be purposefully engaged all the time. This is perhaps the nest mantra to keep you in eternal youth.

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