Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Getting what you want

There is a procession of thoughts and pictures passing through your mind continuously. Unless you consciously control the flow of thoughts and pictures, unwanted thoughts and pictures will fill the mental space and your subconscious mind will be all at a loss in guiding you. This failure, in turn, will make you a big zero in life. These uncontrolled thoughts and pictures can be pleasant day-dreams or worry, anxiety, resentment, hatred, emotional experiences or situations. The negative thoughts and pictures will become the source of subconscious guidance with disastrous consequences.
It is important that you learn to streamline your thought process.  Normally an average human has 70,0000  thoughts passing through his mind in quick succession. If more than 35,000 thoughts are on a single aim for a considerable period, it will be translated into reality. It is enough to keep your mind focused on the goals you have set for more than half the time you are awake or for about 8 hours.  
How to control this uncontrolled flow of thoughts and pictures?
Relax your body with a few deep breaths, close your eyes and black out all pictures from your mind and fill your mental screen with darkness until your mind is relaxed. Calmly but deliberately replace the temporary darkness with bright and intense mental pictures of what you want to become. Plant constantly these mental pictures to virtually overwhelm the subconscious mind.
. You subconscious is not impressed with the importance of attaining your life goal more than you care.  You have to constantly hold a self image of the person you want to eventually become so that it is etched indelibly into the screen of your mind. You have to intensify the mental picture so that it will be your constant dominant thought and all your principal thinking will relate directly or indirectly to it.
Your subconscious mind will produce what you want in direct proportion to the intensity and frequency of the mental pictures. You can emphasize with words what you are picturing. Repeat your life goal in three or four words very forcefully hundreds or thousands of times at every opportunity.
Suppose you want to become a renowned author you can coin the rods, ‘publish famous books’ and repeat them often with accompanying mental pictures. Or if you want to be ri ch, say ‘make a billion’ often forcefully. Be excited about what you say and picture as the subconscious mind picks up the vibrations of thought which are emotionalized. Constantly repeat your coined words in 1-2 seconds excitedly and emphatically accompanied with vivid, colorful mental pictures at least 2000 times during a day. It will be helpful to think about why you want to be successful or rich or anything else and what will you do with the riches you accumulate or the fame you get. The why of your goal will emotionalize it and pass it over to the subconscious mind more forcefully. If you constantly flood the subconscious mind with the mental pictures of you succeeding it will translate your thoughts into reality

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