Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The laws are for the poor and the weak!

The laws of the land are always for the poor and the weak. The rich and the powerful are above any law. They, with their money power and connections will always find a way to come out clean with a not-guilty verdict. The poor are hooked by the long arms of the law-enforcing agents and the judiciary. Without adequate resources they cannot find a good lawyer to present their case and in many instances the mighty criminals go scot free and the poor get punished!  Remember half of all the people are in abject poverty!  The poor are, in general misguided, harassed and exploited. Why is it that none of the government officials, ministers and leaders punished or sent to jail in any one of the cases involving bribe or cheating? The law can be twisted in their favor; there are innumerable loop holes for the rich and the powerful. The arbitrators himself can be otherwise bought. We all have heard about the allegation that there is a syndicate between the judiciary, government officials and the politicians; could it be the reason why the latter always find a way out from innumerable scams and corruption cases they are charged with.  
Further the poor slum dwellers and those born to criminals are more inclined to commit a law-violation than the rich and the well bred from good families. The former have to sometimes resort to stealing or prostitution just to survive. There are so many who get a criminal tendency through the genes. There are others who are forced into gambling or drug-trafficking. How can a law be equally applied to one and all?. No law enforcement agency arrests a high society lady who gets the services of a gentle-men in a 5 star hotel. But the poor who does it in a third rate lodge is caught red-handed for adultery. A higher-up who uses marijuana cannot be caught as the one on the street who has to openly inhale the fumes. A government minister who manages to appropriate millions of rupees through illegal means goes uncaught while a traffic constable who takes a bribe of Rs100 ends up behind the bars. Equal application of law to all alike is looks to be totally meaningless.      

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