Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yes, there is inequality at birth

  I have to agree that there is a lot of luck in life.  The country, state and house one is born into, educational and economic status of parents, their ability to promote their children and much more are all beyond one's conscious control. One's structure of the brain, IQ, biology and emotions, energy level, physical appearance, confidence levels and social skills are all, to a large extent, transmitted from parents oracquired from one’s early home environment over which you do not have any control . The great singers, painters, poets, actors, authors, have all inherited a great talent. But there is no point in crying over the bad luck or inadequacies(that is how the game of life is played); let us try to better ourselves with whatever we have got.  The simple reason is that our future does not depend on our past. We are not determined by our heredity and environment.  We can create the future of our choice by simply dreaming what we want continuously, and taking suitable action, perhaps, until we get them. And when you dream, don’t forget to dream big. 
Those who are born luckier did not ask it. If you keep harping on your cultural and social backwardness, inadequate education, early poverty, low IQ, not-so-nice looks and bad childhood upbringing, the world is not going to be amused. The world is after the winners only. You will be ignored and despised. Hence take it as a challenge and tread your way up; it may be more uphill and the task daunting but there is no other way. You have enough abilities in you to succeed and you can rise up with whatever you have.  If you have inherited a feeble brain or if it is not functional we can only sympathize with you. A normal individual like you has no excuse for not succeeding. There are those who have come up to the very top without legs, hands, eyes, and ears.  Fully paralyzed (from head to toes) people  like Stephen Hawkins has become  a great scientist.  Yes, But you have the freedom to dwell on your inadequacies to your own peril.  

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