Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Find out now whether you will be successful

Who does not want to know whether he/she would be a success or a failure?  Here is a simple test. Mark your answer to each question and see the rating down.
1.       Have you taken up (for study or job) a profession you innately love? If 1. Yes 2. No  
2.       How do you spend your free time? 1. Watching TV 2. Chatting with friends 3. Idles 4. Learns  something useful in your chosen line
3.        How many hours a day do you work and engage in activities that would help your work? 1. 6hrs. 2. 8hrs.  3. 10 hrs. 4.12 hrs or more  
4.       How many hours do you spend to update yourself in your field, or acquire a skill  in your profession? 1. One hr. 2 hrs. 3. 3 hrs 4. 4 hrs.  
5.       Do you have a definite, time- bound practical goal in your life now? Yes/NO
6.       Do you visualize from time to time having achieved your goals?  Yes/No
7.       Are you always smart in your dressing and grooming? Yes/No
8.       9. Do you move briskly all the time? Yes/No
9.       Do you sit/stand up, hold your head starlight and look up at someone you talk to? Yes/No
10.   Are you in the habit of making friends and keeping them? Yes/No
11.   Are you grateful to the universe for having given you this life? Yes/No
12.   Do you try to make your dear ones (partner/parents/children) happy? Yes/No
13.   Are you ambitious? Yes/No
14.   Do you believe you make your destiny? Yes/No
15.   Do you use your free time constructively? Yes/No
16.   Are you careful about your body: exercise and control food? Yes/No
17.   Do you think you generally exercise your brain and memory? Yes/No
18.   Are you careful in congratulating a friend who had a win? Yes/No
19.   Are you happy at this moment? Yes/No
20.   Have you developed a world view regarding the Solar System, Milky Way the Universe, this earth, , the origin of life and various sects? Yes/No   
Give marks as follows
1.       Yes  +5 marks No: 0
2.        1-3  0 mark, 4:  +2
3.       1 0 mark 2: 0 mark 3: 2 mark, 4: 5 marks
4.       1:1 mark, 2: 2marks, 3: 3marks, 4: 5marks
5.       Yes: 5 marks No: 0 mark
6-20 Yes: 2 mark, No: 0 mark (except no 15 and 19 which carry 5 marks for Yes and 0 mark for no each)

Total Max. marks: 58
If you get 44 or more you will be  most probably a success in life

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  1. Thanks a lot Prof. Varghese for sharing your expertise in the field of self improvement. The articles are very helpful and reflective of the zeal of a passionate mentor aiming to maximize the potential of all...Wishing you all the best...Warm regards, Aboobacker