Monday, January 2, 2012

All we know: we do not know

There is birth, growth, romance, tears, joy and death. Why do we take birth, grow, have passion for pleasure, money and possessions? Is not everything  destined for darkness? Whence do I come from and whither do I go? Is there anything after the darkness? Is there anything before the light?  
Is the birth into the light and the death into the darkness preplanned or accidental?

Who or what are we? Why do we, our planet and this universe exist? All of us must have experienced these basic questions at some moment or other. Many have attempted to give  answers to these questions, each from his/her particular perspective. The Theo-centric ones attribute everything here to a supernatural, omniscient, omnipotent and everlasting Being. They find a purpose for creation. But who created God? Something cannot come from nothing or exist for all times. Examination on close quarters  will rip this theory apart and reveal a chasm of darkness all around.

Science tries to explain everything in terms of physical, chemical, biological and gravitational laws. But they fail to explain the ‘why’ of it.  Emmanuel Kant said this: “Sepere Aude” or have the courage to know. He states that the content of the universe, life and their destinies are still contentious or unresolved issues. There are a lot of scientists who believe that this universe appeared out of nothing as quantum fluctuations of energy which grew into its present immensity.  This was not inevitable but fortuitous. It could have not formed at all or formed in an altogether different way.

Similarly life, the arising of a self organizing faculty whereby vitality with growth and reproduction kept alive, is itself a big mystery. Once the organic process got started, it became self generating and self changing. Man is the outcome of a series of events like evolution, mutations, and selection under climatic swings and cosmic impacts. There is no truth to maintain that evolution inevitably moves towards more exalted beings.   Evolution can only explain the various forms of life. But why is all this happening? All that we know is we do not know. 

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  1. The scientific studies on the topic of reincarnation may answer the 'what', not necessarily the 'why' of our existence. Quantum mechanics has a lot of fascinating implications for the nature of reality; If reality is non-deterministic, then is it subjective? Is the EPR paradox an evidence of telepathy? Alain Aspect's ground breaking experiment, and whether we live in a holographic universe? Mainstream science has become dominated by vested interests, who have a stake in perpetuating the statusquo, which hinders the search for truth. Regards.