Friday, January 20, 2012

Laugh your way to health

We know our health very much depends on our mental condition. When we are in the company of good people and cheerful surroundings, our body functions much better. Unpleasant scenery and the presence of those whom we dislike can make us sick and tired. A steady, good state of mind can usher in health and a negative one sickness.  Mental states influence our nervous system and vital organs.  One can acquire radiant health with a bit of exercise and food control coupled with a positive state of mind. It is now proven mental disturbances like anxiety and tension can induce diabetes, asthma, bronchitis and even blood pressure. Acute depressions and intense grieving can induce cancers!  One’s feelings, emotions, and mental states reflected in one’s brain waves, influence our health. Simply put, mind has a lot to do with one’s physical state.  By controlling one’s mind one can be healthy. Depressing and negative thoughts force our glands secrete poison into the blood. It affects or retards the normal body functions like circulation, digestion and assimilation.  A pleasant state of mind induces positive secretions which facilitate all these functions.
Constant laughing, smiles and a joyous state can cure diseases and help our body build up immunity against them. If one is depressed or sad immunity gets reduced and the count of the white blood corpuscles comes down. In a recent medical research, cancer patients were accommodated in a hall where they were allowed to read only funny magazines, articles, anecdotes and books, and see humorous films or videos. The experiment was continued for six months. When they were tested afterwards, it was observed that almost 20 percent of the patients were cured totally! There was a marked improvement in the others!  If a continuous joyous state can cure even incurable diseases like cancer, ordinary illnesses can easily be overcome even with occasional smiles and a positive state of mind.   It is also proven medically that anger, frustration and sorrow can bring in diseases including cancer. Widows, for instance, are much more prone to breast cancer than others.  A pleasant state of mind is conducive for health and well-being. The facial features can change one’s inner state of mind.  If your facial muscles can be turned into a smiling state, the intensity of sorrow will lessen and it will help maintain a pleasant state and build up disease fighting mechanism. So, keep a smile always dangling in your lips.    

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