Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stop feeling sorry

The dark clouds will swim away and the brilliant sun will emerge from behind.
There will be days which are less sunny when things just do not seem all that right. But they are going to change. There will be warming rays and fragrant zephyrs. There is no meaning in a smile if one has not experienced a tear.

What is the good in getting upset over small things which are not the way you wanted them? Worrying is not going to change a thing. There are ways to make you happy even in a very bad situation. You can turn round your mind to something good that happened sometime back. You can listen to the lisping of your child or talk to a bosom friend. Now there is a trying time. Tomorrow it will all be so easy. Life is like that. It is a tear and a joy; it is a smile and a cry.

Stop feeling bad about yourself. When something goes awry, do not start to blame yourself. There are such incidents in everyone’s life. It is comforting to know that everyone worries too. If you are feeling bad about your terrible childhood, well, what can be done about it? Those who enjoyed a splendid one are lucky. But it is not their mistake you did not get a good childhood. Further, they did not ask for theirs either. That is the way life is. But if you harp on your unpleasant past, no one will be interested in you. There are so many who have gone through much more trying situations. There are millions who are blind, deaf, mute, crippled, mentally retarded and imbeciles. In comparison you are thousands of times luckier and privileged. 
Life gives no guarantees, But you have a choice. Spend your time brooding up in self hate or roll over and get back to your feet and have a big laugh at the small irritants and simply march forward. Remember over 90% of all worries never happen. And worrying is not going to help the 10% that might happen. Be prepared to face them. But there is no need to cross a bridge before you come to it.

Mark Ingles had lost both his legs in a mountaineering expedition. The double amputee managed to climb Mount Everest! Helen Keller was blind, mute and deaf. Still she kept a warming smile and inspired millions to go up in life forgetting all their afflictions. Our problems are small in comparison. Let us dump our troubles into the waste basket and rise up with a heartening smile. There are so many out there much worse than we are.

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