Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to attain super health?

There is no point in living Without being healthy.
Does your health depend on the treatment you receive to cure your diseases?
Does it depend on the number of times you visit doctors or hospitals? 
Doctors, hospitals and medication can only help you get rid of symptoms of diseases. And, absence of disease is not health. There are 3 stages in this: Diseases, absence of diseases and super health.   Generally people are worried about the first stage and are interested in the second one. Super health is perfect mental and physical well-being. Very few are even aware of the third stage and still less know that it is purely based on a personal initiative. You can be mentally and physically fit only if you want to, only if you think and intensely desire it. Medical examinations and tests will reveal certain parameters like blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood, the onslaught of cancer, AIDS, or any other disease and the way  your heart, lungs, kidney, liver or any other vital organ functions. The doctors will advise you as to how to get rid of adverse symptoms and prescribe medication to get rid of them.  
 But no doctor can make you healthy. No medication can ensure your mental and physical well-being nor can it induce youthfulness and energy. NO ONE ELSE CAN LEAD YOU INTO SUPER HEALTH BUT YOU.
Your thoughts will decide whether you will be healthy or sick, young or old. May be the following checklist would help: Do you have an intense desire to live long and healthy?  Do you have a life goal or goals which will drive you forward and make you fruitfully engaged always? Are you fit mentally and physically? (Do you exercise regularly  and control your diet--eat generally less, eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts; take less salt and sugar, drink more water; avoid a lot of fatty or fried foods) Do you exercise your brain and memory on a regular basis? Do you feel like involving yourself romantically with those of the opposite sex of any age? Do you enjoy your life and feel grateful to the forces that gave birth to you? Do you take care of your personal appearance, go for picnics and keep friendship with likeminded people? If you do all these you are on your way to super health.   

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