Friday, January 20, 2012

A Blunder of the Great Mother Teresa


Everyone has a flaw, however high he or she might be. Mother Teresa is undoubtedly one of the greatest women ever lived. But she did commit a Himalayan blunder inadvertently. But the error of the Mother is so consequential that it eclipses a lot of the good she has ever done to a poor nation like India.

 India has been tottering under heavy population. It is increasing at an alarming rate. At the time of independence India had about 400 million people. In 2000 the population was more than 1000 million!  An increase of 600 millions in just 60 years!  10 million stomachs were added to this poor country in just a year! Out of the 1000 millions, At least 500 million were living below the poverty line: without one square meal a day. Even with all the strides India made in the late nineties, the number of the poor kept on increasing.
Mother Teresa came to serve the poor of India after independence. The Holy Mother went round exhorting the people to have as many kids as they can. “Every child is an expression of God’s love,” she kept on reminding. This did contribute to the population explosion.  She may not be the sole reason for the proliferation but she did have an impact. The ordinary people of India have always heeded the advice of holy people. They would not listen to even great leaders in this aspect. She being holy and revered, the poor believed her and took her advice, seriously.
May be she has taken care of say, a million destitute and orphans. How do people become destitute or orphaned? They are mostly from poor families. It may not be possible to compute how many more were added to the list of the destitute due to her principled stand. Let us assume 1% of the population followed her advice (one in hundred) and one child was given birth by each couple (again one out of one hundred couple) who literally believed her promise that god would feed and educate and clothe the additional child. The actual figure could be much more!  Half percentage of 10 million--one child for two people =5 million children-- were added to the list of the poor. Out of this almost all of them would have been poor. (The rich would not have heeded her advice and added another child.) Say, ten percent of them got educated fed and clothed and landed up in good jobs. The remaining 4.5 million destitute kids were thrown into the vortex of wants, illiteracy and sickness.  She altogether took care of a million orphans, sick and destitute.The net result? She made more than 3.5 million destitute by her principled stand. What a service to a poor nation!

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  1. Allah says, “Don’t kill your children for fear of poverty; it is We who provide sustenance for them and you; verily killing them is a most heinous crime!” (Al-Isra’: 31).

    In Islam we have the Zakat system where the Rich must pay their zakat of 2.5 % of their total wealth every year and also to sadaqah as these practices can further enhanced their personal “wealth” or status in the “audit” at the Hereafter.
    The Hand That Gives is Better Than the Hand that Receives!
    Rich People should not HOARD wealth but help for the poor and ensure poverty is eliminated and people have enough to eat,shelter over their heads ,clothes to wear,jobs for everyone and a bright future for them and their children…
    The more we ignore Islam Financial System the more wraths Allah SWT will inflict to humans and create miseries for refusing to listen and abide to what Allah SWT have Commanded and Teach Humans to Live Rightly.
    The creation of this 1% Super Rich People like in US is the result or outcome of this opportunities for some people to become Super Rich and make their wealth by their domination of the business,financial system and ignorance of people as to what is right and justify to do!
    The greed of individuals is also as the result of these “satanic” behaviours where nothing is enough and these people just want more and more.This is Greed of the highest order.Islam Leaders,Scholars and Top Mgmt must now show the World how Islam can Help!
    Islamic Thoughts,Practices and Assurances are the BEST REMEDY for eliminating all these sufferings of common people and with the Belief in Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad as the Messenger of Allah then this Road to Prosperity,Hope and Happiness can be achieved,a great success and bring hope for a better future for all that are suffering now!Inshallah.
    The World is Enough for People In Need But Not Enough For People in Greed!
    Become more Islamic and People Focus for Better Lives,Eliminate Usury and Riba’ Practices (discrimination or intimidation when you charged interests unfairly) plus so many other Good Practices and eliminate all those nonsenses of mgmt and leadership like Greed!
    Only with actions we create change and changing for the better or best is what Leaders and Bosses must do always!
    The world is still filled with people whose lives are below the poverty line!They are found everywhere in the world and they need great urgent help for food,shelter,clothing and most important of all education and knowledge to excel themselves and get out of this poverty trapped or sufferings!

    Like they say “dont give a fish everyday to poor people to eat but teach them how to fish so that they can eat all the time”

    Education is KEY to human progress and with knowledge we can know whats the best actions to take to make us better in our livelihood,our progress,our new discoveries and many more…

    Recite in the name of your Lord who created - (1) Created man from a clinging substance. (2) Recite, and your Lord is the most Generous - (3) Who taught by the pen - (4) Taught man that which he knew not. (5) No! [But] indeed, man transgresses.
    The very first verses of the Quran revealed to prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

    The World is Enough for People in Need

    But Not Enough for People in Greed!