Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Offer challenges to your grey matter:

Try new foods. Why not you walk into a Japanese restaurant to eat cooked rice and a slice of raw fish or a Vietnamese one to taste a piece of a snake or a reptile? Or experience the pungent spicy curry in an Indian place. Get away from the rut of eating the same food you have been eating all the time. Let there be challenges to your brain. Try wearing a Japanese Kimono, an Indian dhoti and a Nehru shirt, sari and blouse, or a unique African traditional dress. Let your brain adjust to the queer feeling and live with it.Take another route (other than the one you go every day) to your house, go to different churches, night clubs, restaurants, supermarkets and different tourist destinations.   Choose a different seat at the dining table, eat with fingers without fork, use left hand to brush, iron, and write (the last one requires practice) and try a new set of casual ware at home. While at home, walk closing your eyes (let your brain adjust to the no-sight situation) and try walking backward. Give more and more opportunities for your brain to become active and use its untested powers. Maintain a memory diary and record in it the people you met today in the order of meeting. Or, record whatever you did  sequentially (especially if your memory is weak).  Try to recall the names of those you met last week at the supermarket or at the church or at the wedding reception. Recall the places you visited and even saw during your last trip abroad. Bring to your mind every detail on the sides of the roads you have travelled.  As Harvey Ullman observed, ‘Anyone who stops learning is becoming old’. They are staying at a fixed point of time. They do not experience anything new; they feel the advancement of age and the approaching death. They idle away their time waiting for the inevitable to happen. They do not pursue a new goal; they deteriorate by stagnation. There is only one master key that can unlock your future and lift you up from the morass of drudgery: dreams, goals and the desire to achieve them. Find dreams worth chasing and go after them.  If it can captivate your heart, your focus will be sharpened and you will attain a new momentum in the hot pursuit. 

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