Sunday, January 29, 2012

Change your map to change your destiny

The world looks quite rich, interesting and alright for many of us but it is dull, empty and cruel to many others. All the time the world is the same. The difference comes from the way we perceive it. Our internal maps, our personality and attitude makes the same world look diverse and opposite. If you want to see opposition you will see it, if you want opportunities you will discover them too.  It is all in your minds. The same person appears good to some, bad to others and neutral to still others. Author Herb Herb Cohen says, ‘we see things as we are.’ You see the map out there as per your internal map.  If you do not like a person in all probability you will be suspicious of anything he does. You may even find fault with whatever he does. If, on the other hand you like another one, you will like whatever he does.’  It is the way various individuals perceive one that makes the whole difference. What you see mainly depends on what you look for. There are a few who complain roses have thorns and there are so many others who adorn the colour, smell and beauty of the flower.
How you see things on the outside will very much depend upon how you are on the inside.  Anything facing us is not as important as our attitude towards it. You change your attitude and the things changes within moments.  When you are positioned correctly, right opportunity presents itself. We often see ‘insurmountable obstacles’ and absence of opportunities all the time.   The truth is even the biggest obstacle can easily be conquered if one wants to. When one door closes another one opens. But we concentrate on the closed door so much that we do not see the one that is open for us.  Expect something good strongly and that expectation will energize your brain. l sending suitable vibrations in all directions to materialize the same.  If you are pessimistic, the brain follows your command and materializes nothing. Success and failure originate in your minds.
Position yourself to receive the result you are dreaming and working for, and they will appear as if from nowhere. If, on the other hand, you believe nothing good will ever come out of it, you will be accordingly frustrated.   It all depends on whether you are ready to receive it or not or whether you are expecting the results or not.   In an experiment with professional caterpillars (so named because they have the habit of following blindly each other) the researcher Fabre placed them in a circle. For twenty hours the caterpillars dutifully followed one another in a round. Later he placed them around a saucer full of pine needles (they like it very much) and for 6 days they moved around and around and died of starvation. An abundance of food was so close by.   But they blindly followed their friends. Are you blindly following your internal maps and going after failures without actually beckoning the success that is a whisper away? Psychologists have correctly said that "when one is truly ready for a thing, it puts in its appearance."

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